Selfie Coffee at Haji Lane

From latte art to 3D coffee art… to selfie coffees. Just how many ways can we decorate a humble cup of coffee? šŸ™‚ I’m not a coffee drinker but was happy to accompany my pals and their super-cute toddler to Selfie Coffee at Haji Lane. And while they tried to figure out how to stick the straws in without ruining the pictures (hur hur), I happily sipped on my Mango Passionfruit Ice Blend (with no selfie on top).

Selfie Coffee Singapore

It remains to be seen whether this novelty factor will fade off, and whether this quaint cafe will survive by the strength of its F&B offerings alone. For me, it’s kind of like going on the Singapore Flyer, whereby once is usually enough.

I love how the cafe’s all decked out though. They’ve converted a whole wall into a huge menu that’s super colorful. The dining area upstairs is rather cramped with too many chairs and tables in too small a space. But look around and look up too to see monkeys and vines and all.

Selfie Coffee Haji Lane

It’s great that this cafe largely caters to young people because there’s a fair bit of stair-climbing if you don’t sit at the alfresco area outside the cafe, and instead choose to sit at level 2. Upon entering, you’ll have to head upstairs to check if there’s an available table. And once you’re done chope-ing a seat, you head back down to place your order. Then you head back up again while your order is being prepared. And once the buzzer sounds, you come back down to collect your drinks (and food if any), and then you head back upstairs again. When you’re done with your photo-taking and makan, you will, of course, head backn down again. Haha!

It’s great exercise. So if you are one of the lazy ones… sit outside or else don’t complain ok? šŸ˜‰

And oh, Selfie Coffee sells rainbow cake too. I shared a slice with Kelly, but we still couldn’t finish it. Good for pictures la. *wink*

Rainbow Cake


11 Haji Lane

Tel: 6341 7212