Book Review and Giveaway: Black Sheep by Richard Stephens

Black Sheep by Richard Stephens

Seeing double? Hehe. I have two copies of this book and am giving away one copy to a lucky reader who leaves a comment on this blogpost! 🙂 If you’re like me in how I judge books by their covers, you’ll probably like this one, eh? That black sheep going “F*** OFF!” to the rest of the white sheep is just hilarious! 😀 And oh, you should definitely check out the back cover in which the black sheep is drinking alcohol!

This book is about “the hidden benefits of being bad”. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

It’s actually an enjoyable read. And the author also throws out a caveat within the foreword – “Don’t take the accounts in these pages as gospel”. Yeah. Just enjoy the read.

Chapter 1 is titled “Sleep Around”

Apparently, having sex helps in exercising facial muscles to keep us looking young, makes us more tolerant of pain, and reduces anxiety and stress. However, decision-making can be impaired by sexual arousal – one becomes more impulsive and prone to making less advantageous decisions. LOL!

Chapter 2 encourages us to “Drink Up”

Alcohol can protect against some illnesses, reduce your risk of depression and set creative juices flowing. There’s apparently such a thing as hangover immunity in which about 1 in 5 people don’t get hangovers, whatever they drink.

Chapter 3 claims that swearing is “Damn Good”

Hidden benefits of swearing include expressing emotion, being a tool for persuasion, as a means of coping with pain, way of identifying dementia, and to be polite. Swearing apparently acts on pain perception via the emotion of aggression.

Chapter 4 is on the benefits of fast driving. Chapter 5 is about love. I found it interesting that “Studies of people’s preferences for faces have repeatedly shown that, actually, people are more impressed by averageness”. Chapter 6 is on “Stress More” – being stressed can bolster your memory. Chapter 7 encourages us to “Waste Time” and states that chewing gum has psychological benefits. Doodling can also help maintain concentration while performing a dull task. Chapter 8 is on “Die Hard” which investigates near-death experiences. I do wish it can somehow be proven that those people did have out-of-body experiences. That would be way too cool! 😀


This book retails at S$27.99 (before GST) at all good bookstores. You stand to win a copy if you leave a comment right here and tell me which of these chapters seem most interesting to you. 🙂

Update: Congratulations go to June Low! 😀 Check your email inbox for my winner notification email. And thank you all for participating! 😀


7 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Black Sheep by Richard Stephens

  1. I want to read this book and see how swearing is damn good – gives me justification everytime I swear in front of my friends!

  2. I love the topic “Stress More” . I was always stressed(spelled the other way round is desserts) with work so in order to unstress myself, I would eat desserts which always sweeten my heart and soul….

    June Low

  3. I want to read what the author days about Near death experiences in chapter 8. I have read quite a lot about NDEs and the research on them lately. I was hoping to find out more about life after death – if there’s any at all. I am curious how this subject relates to the book’s theme about how being ‘bad’ can be good. It is surprising and seems out of place. Thank you.

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