My Top 3 Tips To Help You Pursue Your Dreams and #ChangeDestiny

*29/9/15: This post has been updated

This post is sponsored by The 7th Chamber. The message, meanwhile, is entirely from me 🙂

Priscilla Shunmugam

SK-II has done a survey and found out that only 17% of women dare to pursue their dreams and change their own destiny. This concept of changing one’s destiny might sound ‘iffy’ and difficult to understand, but what it means to me is the question of whether I’m currently doing what I love to do. If I am, then there’s no need to change anything unless I’m not happy.

Are YOU perhaps feeling ‘stuck’ in a job? Are you feeling burnt out from work yet unwilling to leave the comforts of a regular paycheck behind? Do you sometimes feel like you’d much rather do something else, or live someone else’s life?

Some people are able to break out of that mold themselves while others need a push, kick or shove. Renowned fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam left her previous job as a lawyer to become a fashion designer (I believe she broke out of the mold herself and you can watch the video below) while I was ‘pushed’ out of my S$114,000 job due to various factors, not just the lure of full-time blogging. 😀

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But here are my 3 tips for you if you would like to take a step in the direction of your dreams but don’t know where to start…

1. Start Where You Are

If you’re in a job which pays the bills but doesn’t feed your soul, and you know you’d much rather be doing something else, well, do it without quitting your job! It’s what I did too. I love interviewing people so I started my blog and conducted those interviews (for free at first) while I kept my S$114,000 job. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

I know of a home baker who works for a non-profit organisation (click on the link to read the interview) and who bakes and sells premium and oh-so-beautiful cakes as a (money-making) hobby.

2. Begin With The End In Mind

I’m not talking about any random task here, I’m talking about your life! Imagine that you’re now 70, or 80 years old, and looking back on what you have achieved. Will your thoughts be full of “I should have…” or “If only…” statements?

Some people will say “Don’t Live With Regret”, I’d say “Don’t Leave With Regret”. If there’s something you’d like to do now, do it.

3. Listen To Your Heart

We listen to much of the well-meaning advice from family, friends, and the society at large. Their voices are amplified while we mute the murmurs of our hearts.

I conducted a blogging workshop for a group of university alumni once, and one lady who attended the session was actually sent by her father-in-law, who attended (and loved) an earlier session I conducted. The heavily-pregnant lady, who is a lawyer, was visibly bored – she had zero interest in blogging and was there only because she was sent by her FIL.

I spoke with her, and as always, asked if she loved her job as a lawyer. Her answer was unsurprisingly, that she didn’t enjoy her work. I asked her what she’d rather be… and her answer: architect (while her eyes lit up). But her family wanted her to be a lawyer so she became one.

Yes, she’s well-to-do. Yes, she’s in a “stable career”. Yes, she can buy everything she wants.

But can she buy happiness? 🙂

My friend, make a change today. 🙂