Interview With Self-Made Millionaire, Nagarajan Raman

Nagarajan Raman

I got to know about Nagarajan Raman (a.k.a Raj) via one of the people he has mentored. And I’ll definitely be at the next run of his Million Dollar Plan workshop (‘cos I’ll have to miss the upcoming one). So the best I have now is an interview with this very young self-made millionaire, who went from school drop-out to straight-As, and from being a magician to becoming a millionaire. Are you intrigued already? 😀 Read on…

1) You went from being a school drop-out at one point to becoming “one of Singapore’s youngest self-made millionaires”. Was it ever a dream of yours to become a millionaire?

Yes, Grace. It is more of a personal target that I’ve set for myself at the age of 21 to achieve at the age of 24.

2) You currently offer a “Million Dollar Plan” and you have a workshop to impart to attendees your “exclusive never before shared tips” for just S$180! Why the low price, and who should attend this workshop?

I made it my primary objective to assist anyone in need and my secondary objective to work with them to guide each individual towards their first million. If you are in the B2C industry and if you are willing to work smarter, you must attend this intensive workshop.

3) How did you first get acquainted with magic at a young age and how did you get started with magic performances? Did it pay well? 😀

I’ve always been intrigued by magic as a kid. At an early age, I understood that there are 2 kinds of magicians. One, the magician & two, the guy with tricks. Huge difference. I used to perform magic during recess at the back of my school canteen and this amazed teachers, HODs & the head of discipline.

This art flourished into a professional sense where people started paying for my appearances. Throughout my years performing, I started to understand people, their thoughts, their actions and their characteristics. This art taught me vital life lessons, lessons that can be only learnt through experience. And no, it’s not as financially rewarding as you might think it is.

4) You were a straight-As student in Republic Polytechnic’s Aerospace Avionics programme during your first semester. Any regrets not pursuing this career path or passion?

I have no regrets. It was never my passion to trade in my time for something that I never believed in. Living for a monthly payday, no matter how safe and secure it may seem, you may be given a ’30 days notice’ at any point of time to leave. What’s your plan next? Letting another person be in control of my financial status and my life was too much of a risk for me to take.

5) Before that, you studied at the Dover Institute of Technical Education. How would you encourage students studying in the ITEs, who often have to deal with social stigmas (e.g. that infamous “It’s The End” label)?

It is never the end in ITE. Get educated. Not only through books and lessons in the classroom, but start understanding much bigger things – the organizational structure, their distribution channels, disciplinary enforcement, staff loyalty etc. You’ll never know when this knowledge might come in handy.

6) You’ve taught magic to students in schools. Any memorable experiences? Did knowing how to perform magic tricks make you exceptionally popular in school when you were a student?

For the lack of a better word, it made me extremely popular. Everyone knew me as “Satan”. Haha! When you get a title that needs no explanation, you know you’ve done a good job. Currently I’m being referred to as the “Miracle Maker”. I’m still trying to make sense of it…

7) Indeed it’s quite a miracle – how did you turn your initial business losses of 50K to profits of 12K and then 1 million?

The trial and error method is only for those who can afford it. I’ve incurred a lot of debt during my first year because of this. My advice to beginners and graduates alike: never ever perform the trial and error method unless you have loads of cash that you wouldn’t mind spending. Never take advice from someone who has not been through what you are going through. I drafted a strategy, a few tactics and stuck with the plan based on what I’ve learnt throughout the process and then amplified my current results to cater to an ever growing audience. Here’s an age old saying: Work smart. Not Hard.

8) You’ve coached numerous business owners. Please share with us some of these success stories that you are the most proud of.

The truth is, I’m proud of all my clients. When you’re committed and work smart in the field of business, you will definitely see progress. All my clients have seen progress in their businesses if we take into account their humble beginnings and their current profits. A handful of them are raking in 10 to 12k per month. If I really have to pick one, I’d pick Swatish Tailor – a clothes vendor in Little India. Hers used to be a failing business. But close to a year later, she’s raking in 5 digits (on the higher end) per quarter.


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