Food Review: Big O Cafe & Restaurant at Paragon. Recommended!

Big O Cafe and Restaurant

We had dinner at Big O this evening and I have to say that it was a pretty enjoyable meal. Located at B1-08 of Paragon, Big O is a great place for date nights and the portions are, as the name suggests, BIG.

We ordered the 2 Meat + 2 Seafood platter and our choice of 3 side dishes arrived first: french fries, ratatouille, and mash. Do not be deceived by this photo. The sides come in really substantial portions. Just that bowl of mashed potato would be sufficient for dinner for a regular adult diner. Don’t ask me how we finished all this food. I really don’t know either. Just good conversation, and taking things slow. LOL.

The side dishes were passable, and nothing to shout about. But I do love dipping the fries into the mash – any one of you do that too? 😀

The mains were awesome!

There was roast duck, pork sausage, salmon and calamari.

I am not a fan of duck. My friends know that I don’t eat duck so we don’t order it when we have our meals together. But interestingly enough, in a bid to help finish this platter of food, I found that I love the roast duck here. The meat is really tender and almost falling off the bone… like baby back ribs done well.

The pork sausage is good too. The sausage casing/skin is just a tad thick but the meat is well seasoned.

The salmon is delicious though the calamari is just so-so.

However, it’s still a perfect meal because the service staff are great. It’s been a long time since I called a waiter over just to ask for his name. I did so tonight.

His name is Isaiah and he’s from Malaysia.

Wrote an email to the management when I got home. So feel free to read it if you will:

Big O Paragon

I think it’s important to commend service staff when they deliver great service, and to commend them ON THE SPOT. Also, it’s nice if you drop the management an email too so they know who’s performing well at work and delighting the customers.

Don’t just send complaint letters, ok? 😛

So there you go, my recommendation of a makan place if you want to dine at Paragon. 🙂 I heard Big O is famous for its dessert too but we were just too full today! Till next time!