Lady First Singapore Season 3 Ep 4: Get Yourself A Celeb Bod

I love watching Lady First Singapore as the show is packed with so many useful tips regarding beauty and fashion, and also because the host Pauline Lan is such a brutally honest person (OMG I love her honesty so much!), she has no qualms in engaging in a bit of self-deprecating humor, and she’s a great host who knows when her guest isn’t very proficient in Mandarin and needs her to take charge of the conversation. Episode 4 ranks as one of my favorites! 😀

Lady First Singapore Xiaxue Not Human

According to Lady First SG’s gurus, over-the-top headpieces are not recommended, and BIG hair makes short ladies with small faces look like they have big heads…

The second thing I’ve learnt from this episode is that the “bed head look” is not exactly easy to achieve. And you thought all it took was to tumble out of bed, yeah? 😛

Lady First Singapore Kanny

You’ll need hairstyling tongs to curl your hair, and you’ll also need to use products to achieve that volume. One thing to note here is to leave the first 5cm of hair (from the roots) untouched when you start curling your hair. And keep away from windy places, or the look you tried so hard to achieve might get ruined. 😀

Lady First Singapore Hayley

If you want to look like you have a small waist, tuck in those tees instead of having them hang out loosely. Also, outfits with little cutouts are sexy – just ensure they flatter your figure instead of exposing belly fat! 😀

And if you have a really full figure, avoid clothes which are too tight, and those which are too loose! And you’ll have to work both on your diet as well as your exercise plan – spend at least 30 minutes per day exercising!

Lady First Singapore Dawn

Eating too little affects your metabolism so don’t think of starving yourself, ya! To check out the featured products and take part in the Lady First SG contests, head over to! 🙂


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