Sheepography: Sheep And Typography, And A Source Of Inspiration!

I’m probably the least active user on Instagram that you know. But when I’m on IG, I tend to ‘surf’ and look out for interesting accounts to follow. I chanced upon ‘Sheepography’ one day and I found that the illustrations and the messages lifted my spirit.

On one particular occasion, I was feeling low and I saw one of the Sheepography posts which came with the hashtags “#jesus #loves #grace”. And it was like ‘OMG, this is God speaking to me’. And I kid you not… tears actually fell.

I watched a video featuring Oprah Winfrey recently and she mentioned something about how we ‘find’ God when we go in search of him. And I’ve found this to be so true! 😀

I got in touch with Kelvin, the founder and creator of Sheepography, to find out more about why he started this IG account / business in the first place, what he does for a living, and what his plans are for this Sheepography. But first, check out some of the current merchandise…

Sheepography 2016 Desk Calendar, greeting cards and bookmarks:

Sheepography Calendar

The Calendar: I love how the sheep on the cover is sleeping soundly as Jesus rows the (paper?) boat. It reminds me that through all storms, and in every circumstance, I can rest securely at the feet of Jesus. And what a joy and a privilege it is to be in this position! And inside the calendar is page after page of divine inspiration! I’m excited about 2016 already! If you’d like to purchase any of these awesome Sheepography products, the link will be at the end of this blogpost. 🙂

And here’s Kelvin, with what is possibly the coolest-looking van in town!

Sheepography founder Kelvin

He told me that the whole idea of Sheepography isn’t about an illustration or anything like that, or about whose drawing it is. He simply wants to ‘lift the name of Jesus’, and to help others encounter the love of Jesus, and share with us his take on the relationship between the shepherd and his beloved sheep.

Kelvin also showed me the sheep which started it all. (I forgot to ask if it has a name. Ha!) He now runs Sheepography full-time, and every week, he shares his illustrations with the world. Sheepography posts reach out to both Christians and non-Christians alike so check those out either on Facebook or Instagram.

Sheepography sheep

Now make a guess… what was Kelvin working as before he decided to dedicate his time to running Sheepography as a business? 🙂 (Teacher? Photographer? Engineer?)

Well, he was a lighting architect! Yes, I admit it’s the first time I’m hearing of such an occupation but it sure makes sense when you think about how there HAS to be someone who advises business owners (like restaurateurs) on what kind of lighting is suitable for their place of business, right? He’d even gone to Italy to learn from a “lighting master”!

However, he has quit his job to run Sheepography. Kelvin told me that he derives more fun from taking pictures of the toy sheep and the places he brings it to, versus “a thousand selfies”, and that’s how Sheepography was born! Then his church also got him to be the illustrator for the children’s programme that’s part of a missions trip. And one thing led to another and before you know it… we have these special illustrations and very unique greeting cards, which you can totally mail out as Christmas cards!

Sheepography greeting cards

For the year ahead, Kelvin plans to venture into producing an infant clothing line so parents can get ‘uplifted’ as they care for their children, by reading a verse on a baby’s romper, for instance. And oh, there might be journals too. I’m definitely looking forward to the launch of these upcoming products! 🙂

And here’s the bookmark set – perfect for a bookworm like me:

Sheepography bookmarks

If you’ve read this far, right to the end of this post… here’s a little reward for you: Locate Sheepography on Instagram and follow the account as Kelvin is conducting a giveaway. You’ll stand to win those awesome 2016 calendars! 😀 Trust me, you’ll want one. And to check out the whole range of merchandise, click on the link below…

~ May God bless you richly! ~