STENDERS: The GOLD Standard In Christmas Gifting! :D


I met a blogging student at Plaza Singapura today, and since I was there I popped by the newly-opened STENDERS store to check out their Christmas offerings. I’ve blogged about the products I received at their launch previously – read it here if you haven’t already done so. I’m still loving the facial exfoliator; not done using it yet since it is recommended that I do the exfoliation just once (or twice) a week. The scent is pretty amazing.

But I’m so glad I popped by STENDERS today because I discovered something AWESOME. In the picture you see above, I’ve indicated the prices for their gift-wrapping services. You pick a box size that you want, e.g. the medium-sized one for S$7 and the staff will pack your products in them, and include the (REAL) dried fruits/flowers/leaves and the ribbon on top FOR FREE! Can you imagine that?! I mean… a box of that size would easily cost me S$15 or even S$20 from a gift shop elsewhere! And they are giving us all those gorgeous extras for FREE? That totally brings out the #Singaporean in me. 😀

I also asked if I could… you know… bring a teddy bear I’d bought elsewhere and put it into the box, together with a STENDERS product I’ve bought. And the really friendly sales assistant, Summer, said that yes I could, as long as the bear would fit inside the box! OMG. I’m SO doing my Christmas gift-shopping here.

And behind the counter is a whole selection of really pretty (and very REAL) dried fruits, flowers, leaves and other sweet-smelling potpourri-like stuff which will beautify those gift boxes…

STENDERS gift wrapping

And, of course, I’ve already mentioned this before: I’m eyeing their GOLD range of products. The scent is a light but pleasant one. And the packaging just looks very atas and expensive. But they are affordably priced:

STENDERS plaza singapura

 In case it’s hard to read… 24 Carat Gold Shower Gel (S$33), 24 Carat Gold Bath Elixir (S$31), 24 Carat Gold Body Scrub (S$39). I hope I don’t regret this later (if the company decides to raise prices)… I think the current prices are actually ridiculously low.

And in the same range, there’s also the Gold Bath Ball (S$15) and Gold Soap (S$22). It’s a no-brainer, die-die-must-buy-for-Christmas.

And in case you are wondering, no, this is not a paid nor sponsored post. It’s just the result of my entering a store today, having a great conversation with the sales assistant, and discovering a really good bargain for gift-wrapping. And… you’re welcome. *wink*

STENDERS is located at #03-75 Plaza Singapura