Nov 2015 Visit: Katong Shopping Centre’s famous Chicken Rice

Best Chicken Rice in Singapore

The last time I visited Katong Shopping Centre just for that particular stall’s famous chicken rice, it was probably some 7 years ago. And I went back this week on a whim, unsure if the stall is still there. I’d figured that since the chicken rice is so delicious, and the business so good, there was no reason why they shouldn’t still be there. πŸ˜€ And I was right! It’s still at the foodcourt at the basement (#B1-85/87) – just take the escalator to B1 and walk in the direction of the foodcourt.

And by no means are they being boastful when they state that they serve ‘Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice’. It’s truly delicious. And here’s a rare photo without a long queue of customers, just before the dinner crowd descended on the foodcourt:

We paid S$16 for half a chicken and it was so yummy. Rice is at S$0.80 per plate. The big bowl of soup and the platter of achar that you see in the first picture above are complimentary (I wanna sing~~~). When I was asked whether I think our dinner was expensive, I said “Not at all”. I think it is most reasonable because we had those awesome extras. The soup was not just water + MSG that is what many other stalls elsewhere tend to serve. What we were given was good soup with meat (pork?) and vegetables inside. Also, there’s free flow achar! And the achar is really yummy!

People who stay in, or near, Katong are so lucky!

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice

I’d recommend that you head there early for dinner because the foodcourt is really small and seats are limited. In fact, we had to rush through our dinner because people were standing around us, waiting for us to leave so they could take our seats. Not a very pleasant experience, but nothing and nobody is permitted to stand between hungry Singaporeans and good food. πŸ˜€ #ourculture

The next time someone asks me to recommend good chicken rice, I’m gonna point them to Katong Shopping Centre. In my humble, honest opinion, I think it is even better than chicken rice from that famous chain of chicken rice stalls *ahem* – not saying which one. πŸ˜›

Come to think of it though, I’m not sure if this stall served bean sprouts with their chicken in the past. Can’t quite recall as it’s been a longggg time. Tell me if you know ya? πŸ˜€

*Update: A reader told me that there are soup refills too as the uncle is very generous! πŸ˜€ Ok, I love them even more now. Please keep the business operating till my next visit… which will be soon! πŸ™‚