NKF Dialysis Centre Open House & Free Health Screening

NKF Health Screening[ We received goodie bags, lucky draw prizes and a catered buffet lunch too ]

When I first joined the Health Promotion Board as a volunteer, I sometimes felt like a hypocrite when advising senior citizens to go for health screenings when I didn’t go for any myself. This year, it’s rather different. So far, I’ve been to two health screenings. 😀 The first one didn’t go all that well – didn’t manage to ace the blood sugar segment like I did the rest. (@_@)

Yesterday, I went for a second health screening, a few months after the first one. Yesterday’s session was also a Dialysis Centre’s Open House event. The NTUC Singapore Pools NKF Dialysis Centre is located at Blk 935 Tampines St 91 #01-333 Singapore 520935. It is just opposite Tampines SAFRA.

If you haven’t gone for a health screening at all this year, PLEASE go for one ASAP. A clean bill of health will be the best Christmas present for you, I promise! 🙂

Yesterday’s Health Screening Test covered these:
– Body Mass Index
– Waist Measurement
– Blood Pressure
– Urine Analysis
– Fasting Blood Glucose
– Fasting Cholesterol Profile
– Serum Creatinine
(The result of the blood test would be mailed to us later)

Because we had to fast for a minimum of 10 hours before the screening, I picked a screening time that was after 10am. LOL! As long as I stopped consuming food and any sort of beverage before midnight, I’ll be fine. And, of course, I skipped breakfast.

And even though I hate needles, I’ve finally gotten used to blood tests. The ‘nurse’ kept trying to engage me in conversation while I pretended to be busy reading the pamphlet I was holding. I just didn’t want to see the blood being extracted. Who knew that the insertion and the extraction of the needle would be equally painful?! Haiz.

Anyway, here’s a quick bit of info for anyone who’s interested in finding out what the symptoms of Kidney Failure are:

  • decreased volume of urine
  • nausea and vomiting
  • swollen hands and ankles
  • puffiness around the eyes
  • itching
  • loss of appetite
  • tiredness

These symptoms can easily be overlooked, I know. So make sure your blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels are kept in check. And stay active and go for regular health screenings. There’s absolutely no point in sacrificing your health to make money, only to have to spend more money to regain your health. Make your health your priority, especially as all that feasting and celebrations are just around the corner. 🙂