The Dream Makers Season 2: More Anticipation Than Fulfillment Thus Far

The Dream Makers Season 2

The Dream Makers Season 2 has been the most anticipated Ch 8 drama for me this year. Ok. Wait. It’s the ONLY MediaCorp drama that I watch. 😛 Thus far, it’s been 8 episodes and I’m not exactly thrilled. The characters are becoming more and more likeable, the plot is thickening, and there’s stellar acting from some (i.e. Jeanette Aw, though I hate to admit it)… but… it’s like climbing all the way to the summit only to see a lacklustre sunrise and wondering “that’s it?”

There are another 6 episodes to go, I think. So let’s hope it gets better. I was so looking forward to the addition of Huang Biren in this drama. Who can forget her role as the loving wife to Xie Shaoguang’s character in Stand By Me 家人有约? But so far, most scenes have her looking stern (and rather tired and old). And when she appears in the same scene as an unsmiling Zoe Tay, I cannot help but think “岁月不饶人”. But kudos to them for saying ‘no’ (or, ‘just a little’) to Botox. Whenever they smile though, it takes YEARS off their countenance. So, keep smiling, folks!

I do wish there’s a nice theme song for Season 2. But really, it’s hard to beat the unforgettable theme song for The Dream Makers (Season 1) – 幸福不难 by 龚芝怡 Serene Koong. Have a listen again… 😀

Season 2 did not impress me from the start because I was rather taken aback by Li Nanxing’s evil character in the show. I think I’m just not used to watching him play this manipulative, goofy, happy-go-lucky character. I’ve cast him into the mould of the suave gambler from The Unbeatables 双天至尊. What a change.

I do think Romeo Tan’s acting has improved. And Jeanette Aw is in another league altogether – I simply love watching her on screen now.

Episode 8 did get me a bit nauseous from the over-the-top product placement and sponsored dialogue. Please count the number of times laptops from a particular brand starting with “L” appear in this episode. And when Julie Tan’s character ‘Twins’ is suddenly seen browsing an online shopping portal for a brand beginning with “R”? There was no continuity from what her character was doing in the previous scene! And let’s try not to throw up when a sales assistant from a popular chain of electronics megastores (the name starts with “H”) suddenly shows up and advises Zhang Zhen Huan and Zoe Tay about their price guarantee. It’s like TV commercial time has started even when it’s not break time yet.

And oh… Qi Yuwu has an irresistible charisma. He may have been criticized for his acting skills in the past. But I do think he’s done great so far in The Dream Makers season 1 and 2. Good choice, Joanne Peh! 😀