Hello Kitty Run 2015: Much Better This Time Round!

Hello Kitty Run 2015

Alright, last year’s inaugural Hello Kitty Run hit a snag with the sudden downpour, and an issue with medal collection. (I’ll blog about the medals and plushies in another post) This year’s was so much better in comparison. There was no rain (though we’d already received a poncho each in the racepack), and we each received a cute medal after the run/jog/walk. The Hello Kitty Run 2015 reportedly attracted some 11,000 ‘runners’. I wouldn’t know the exact figure, of course. But there were so many people, both male and female! I think the boyfriends and husbands who were forced invited to join their sweethearts for this event really deserve a pat on the back! 🙂

And there were a lot of gentlemen this year! I was rather surprised!

Last year’s run was at Harbourfront / Sentosa. And I didn’t exactly arrive earlier than the stipulated time so I was probably in the 2nd or 3rd wave of runners to be flagged off. This year, I resolved to head to the Hello Kitty Run real EARLY so I could get to the front, spot Kitty and Daniel, and also get to start (and end) the run ahead of the throng of people behind who were more content to walk / sit / snap selfies.

Alas! The Floating Platform had been transformed into a gigantic carnival. There were many games booths (play for FREE, and win candy), photo opportunities (see pictures below), merchandise booths, and even one which gave out free Pokka drinks (in small cups) and a dried cranberry snack packet.

Hello Kitty Run 2015

Hello Kitty Run 2015

I’ve omitted the pictures of the games booths because too many faces can be identified. But there were hoop-throwing booths, kitty tic-tac-toe, claw machines to ‘pick up’ candy, and all sorts of other carnival games. It was such fun! We won so much candy. BUT we ended up not making the 1st wave of runners AGAIN! 😦

The wait for the flagoff was pretty uncomfortable. We had to deal with the heat from the setting sun, the distance from the stage (which meant we did not see Kitty at all), and the emcee not being very helpful (he initiated a countdown for the light-up, but which everyone mistook for a countdown for the flagoff and people actually ran off and had to be told to come back).

Last year’s Kitty Run had many huge balloon sculptures for Kitty fans to get pictures at. They were sorely missed at this year’s edition.

I guess the organizers were banking on the scenic route to be sufficient. We ran past MBS Shoppes, the Fullerton Bay Hotel, the Helix Bridge, etc.

And if all else fails, just take a photo with MBS in the background. 😀

Blogger Grace Tan

A big thank you to Pink Apple for the pair of complimentary passes! 😀 I like this year’s tee as much as last year’s, the plushie is adorable, and the medal is so cute!

Watch out for my next blogpost about these runners’ entitlements, which people have already begun to sell on Carousell. 😛


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