Hello Kitty Run: Plush, Medal, Goodie Bag

Hello Kitty Run 2015 entitlements

In this picture above, you see all that was in one goodie bag for the Hello Kitty Run 2015 this year. It looks like there’s a lot of stuff, yes? Though I only had use for the kitty plush, tee, shoebag and maybe, the cookie (which tasted pretty odd, btw). I’ve just read (again) the blogpost I did regarding the 2014 Hello Kitty Run and it’s interesting how I had complaints about that Run but still thought I’d take part in the 2015 edition, and so I have. 😀 Check out my blogpost about the Hello Kitty Run 2015 and find out whether I enjoyed this year’s run more!

And here are the plushies. I suspect kitty fans sign up for the Run just to get items such as these. Because they cannot be bought in stores, you see. This is something that non-Kitty fans (generally, men) find hard to understand. And I’ll probably get a retort that it’s sold on Carousell – hard to argue that point, really.

2014 red kitty, 2015 pink kitty:

Hello Kitty Run plush

Both medals are stunning:

Hello Kitty Run Medals

Thanks to Pink Apple, I got a pair of complimentary tickets this year so that means I have an extra shoebag, plush, and medal (which obviously my BF won’t keep as treasure, like I do). If you’d like to place a bid for these items, feel free to email me and state how much you’re willing to pay for them. 🙂

Hello Kitty Run 2015