Visit To Cambodia’s Royal Palace Which Is Dripping In Gold

Cambodia's Royal Palace

Oh yeah, the tee I wore had some gold color on it too! 😀 Ahaha! If you’re headed for Cambodia’s Royal Palace, be prepared to spend at least 2 hours there in order to fully explore the grounds. The place is HUGE! And there are two things you must note, at least according to me: (1) The weather will be HOT so apply sunscreen and what-have-you, and (2) Be careful when walking up and down the steps – our female Cambodian friend fell and sprained her ankle. 😦 The guard was really kind though – he went to fetch some ointment for her. Kindness abounds in Cambodia!~

Here’s the tourist information board at the Royal Palace entrance. If the words are too tiny for you to read, the main gist of it is that opening hours are from 8am to 11am, and 2pm to 5pm. Tickets are at 25,000 Riel or USD6 each. Do not wear shoes inside the temple or take photos inside photography-prohibited places. Dress modestly, with your pants or skirts covering the kneecaps!

Cambodia Royal Palace Visitor Information

Cambodia Royal Palace Water Lily

Ok, I have to admit that I can hardly tell the difference between a water lily and a lotus flower. So I’ll just hazard a guess that this is a water lily. Hahaha!!!

There are too many photo spots within the compounds. So snap away. Just take note that it can get really hot here. So make sure you stay hydrated – drink lots of water!

Wow photographing statue

* beautiful architecture *

Cambodia Royal Palace

Royal Palace Cambodia

*Newsflash* I interrupt this blogpost to bring you some breaking news: Gigantic pigeons have been spotted at Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat!!!

Mini angkor wat with pigeons

Nope, I’m just pulling your leg. There is a miniature “Angkor Wat” within the Royal Palace compound! Hahaha! Because the real Angkor Wat is too far away – a 5-hour drive or so – we made do with pictures here. 😀

Mini Angkor Wat

You might also spot a lady and a traditional khmer silk weaving loom:

Weaving cloth at the Royal Palace

Here’s a Youtube video on how she operates it:

I was lucky to have gotten the photo when I did. ‘Cos when the angmoh (in the green shirt) came along, she was busy talking on her phone. And so he had to wait for her to get back to work. 😀 😀

Lady on the phone

This is the last of my Cambodia Travelogue blogposts! 😀 I definitely look forward to visiting Cambodia again. I am convinced that Cambodia will see some good times ahead. The economy appears to be doing well, I spotted many sites which have been earmarked for the construction of mega shopping malls, and there’s even an AEON mall which I did not get to visit on this trip. Foreign investment is definitely pouring in to the country. Even the guest house in Cambodia that we stayed in is owned and managed by a Singaporean. 🙂

So it’s not “goodbye”, but “see you again soon”, Cambodia!

ASEAN youth leaders

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