AD: Your Developer Friend Is Going To Make You USD 7,000 Richer

Hola referral program

[ Simone Somekh ]

You know Hola, the popular VPN service used by over 60 million people that allows you to browse the internet anonymously to avoid censorship?

The same technology that provides internet with no borders is now being used to make internet… faster. The company now uses the same peer-to-peer technology to offer a video CDN (content distribution network), to increase the quality of video served on the web.

Here’s a unique chance to make the internet faster and border-free, while earning a considerable amount of money.

Hola needs the best software developers in the world and decided to search for them in Singapore. The company is offering a USD 7,000 reward to whoever helps it find a new developer.

Do you have a friend who happens to be the most talented developer on earth? Or, even better, multiple friends who fall into this category?

Direct them to Hola; if they are hired, you will earn a USD 7,000 prize for each one hired.

If you are a developer yourself and think you have the right skills to join the team, you are welcome to contact the company right away.

Launched in 2008, Hola has been providing its service for free to millions of users, tearing down all geo-blockings imposed by governments and making the browsing experience faster thanks to its streaming technology.

“We’re looking for the best people around the world,” said Ofer Vilenski, founder of Hola. As much as the internet should have no borders, the same concept applies to the recruitment of new employees. “At Hola, we don’t look at CVs, rather at the skills,” he added. Last year, the company launched an online anonymous coding exercise; the winners of the challenge received a cash prize, and were invited for a job interview, and a few of them were ultimately hired by the company.

What are you waiting for? Send your list of top software developers (along with their emails or other contact information) to today!