How To Select The Best Pineapple Tarts (Try Karimun Secret’s!)

Pineapple Tarts from Karimun Secret

It’s almost that time of the year again when we feast on all things delicious, and pineapple tarts are one of them. Pineapple tarts come in various shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are the round ball-like ones, the open-faced ones with a generous helping of pineapple on top, and the pillow-shaped ones.

I’ve made pineapple tarts before and I know it takes A LOT of effort to make these tarts: You painstakingly grate the pineapples, labor over a stove to boil the mixture, cautiously add lemon juice teaspoon by teaspoon to temper the natural sweetness of the pineapple, carefully shape those balls so the pineapple filling doesn’t escape, gently brush on the egg wash for that golden shine on the pastry crust, etc. These are just a few of the steps required! Making pineapple tarts is truly a labor-intensive undertaking.

In this blogpost, I’ll show you how I select pineapple tarts from sellers, if I’m unable to bake them myself. 🙂 My top 3 tips are: Go for homemade tarts, look out for a beautiful glaze on top, and check the pastry-to-filling ratio if you are able to sample the tarts before buying them.

(1) Handmade / Homemade vs. Factory Produced Pineapple Tarts

Handmade vs Factory produced pineapple tarts

I tend to choose homemade products over factory produced ones because the quality is usually better. In this picture above, you see two tubs of pineapple tarts from two different countries, which we get imported into Singapore. On the left is the handmade Karimun Secret pineapple ‘balls’ from Indonesia, and on my right, a pale and less palatable version from another brand and another country. Let’s call it Brand X.

As you can probably tell, the Karimun Secret ones are handmade, and so there is a very slight variation in size, which is a quality I actually appreciate because it means I’m not buying or eating something mass-produced in a factory line.

But the golden-brown color of the Karimun Secret pineapple balls makes them more appetizing and visually appealing. The pineapple tarts from Brand X are largely the same in size, but many did not get the egg wash on top and therefore don’t have much of a glaze.

If you’re wondering why some pineapple tarts can be sold for as cheaply as S$4 a tub or even 3 for S$10, I’ve been told that it’s because some manufacturers will use cheap, low quality pineapple fillings which are crushed together with the pineapple skin which should have been discarded as organic waste. Also, inferior ingredients go into making the pastry dough.

Karimun Secret’s handmade pineapple tarts use only premium ingredients and each tub comes with approximately 40 pieces. I like their emphasis on using only fresh, quality ingredients, and how their pineapple tarts are free from preservatives and transfat. The pastry is made using the finest butter and highest quality flour available, so as to get that rich buttery taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The fillings are also selected for their fibrous texture and a well-balanced taste – neither too sweet nor too sour. Their pineapple tarts are highly addictive (I’ve eaten almost an entire tub while crafting this blogpost. LOL)

(2) The Golden-brown Glaze

As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t look good on the outside, it most likely doesn’t taste good either. If no effort is spared to ensure the pineapple tarts look appealing, you can almost be assured of quality within when you bite into the tarts. So always look out for an appealing golden-brown shine on top.

The bakers at Karimun Secret ensure each pineapple ball gets the egg wash on top for that perfect glaze and every mouthful is a burst of sweet pineapple filling in a salted, buttery crust that melts in your mouth. I promise you’ll never be able to stop after eating just one of them! 😀

(3) The Ratio Of Pastry To Filling

Pineapple Tart comparison

I like pineapple tarts which use premium butter and come with a thin, flaky crust and a pastry shell that is not dry.

As you can see in the picture above, the Karimun Secret pineapple balls are packed with the pineapple filling almost to the edges. The surrounding pastry is very thin, so you are assured of a mouthful of pineapple goodness with each bite.

Overall, the Karimun Secret pineapple tarts have a well-balanced ratio of pastry to encrusted filling, giving you the lightly-salted buttery taste and fine pastry that melts-in-the-mouth.

I have a sweet tooth so the level of sweetness is just right for me. Taste is ultimately subjective, so if you can, do grab a sample especially if you’re purchasing them in bulk. 🙂 I know that Karimun Secret does corporate orders so check if your company is one of those ordering from them! Or else, place an individual order with them and utilize my blogger’s discount below…

~ Did You Know? ~

Karimun Island is one of the islands in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia. In fact, it was once considered by Sir Stamford Raffles and Major William Farquhar as being a potential British settlement (check out this National Library article) but thankfully, Singapore was selected in the end. 😀

Using only premium ingredients, Karimun Secret takes pride in serving up pineapple tarts that look as good as they taste:

Homemade Pineapple Tarts from Karimun Secret

Each tub of Karimun Secret’s pineapple balls retails at S$19, but you get S$3 off per tub when you make a purchase using my blogger discount code ‘GRACE01‘. Simply send a whatsapp message to 97473717 and state <discountcode> <numberoftubs> <deliveryorself-collection>, e.g. GRACE01, 5 tubs, self-collection.

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