Guide To Waterway Point’s East and West Wings

Waterway Point West and East Wings

When you first exit Punggol MRT station and walk towards Waterway Point, you’ll see people seated in a circle, with a West Wing entrance on your left, and an East Wing entrance on your right. This is where it gets confusing. If you are heading to the cinema, do you go left or right? What about if you’re going to the 24hr Fairprice Finest? Which way to the Wonderland indoor playground? What about Starbucks, and the Times bookstore, and the foodcourt? Because I experienced this confusion myself, I’m putting together this blogpost as a quick guide for those who want to know whether they need to head to the West Wing or the East Wing.

Here’s my rough guide to the main mall tenants that I like, to help you figure if you should go West OR East:

Waterway Point Store Directory Guide

*Please do not use this image without seeking prior permission. I’d spent quite a while putting it together 😛

*So if you’re headed to the cinema, go East B2. If you are going to the 24hr supermarket, take West B2. The kids indoor playground at Waterway Point and all kids-related shops, plus the foodcourt is at West Level 2.

**Some of the shops are not open yet. E.g. Starbucks is open but Coffee Bean is still undergoing renovation work, as of 19th Jan. H&M and Uniqlo will only open on 28th Jan.

I had to head up and down both wings just to note which stores are located where. So if you spot any errors with this guide, please drop me a polite note, and accept this as a ‘human error’, my apologies in advance. If this guide is helpful to you, do share it with all your friends, my thanks in advance too. 🙂

If You Are Taking The Train To Punggol MRT Station

If you’re taking the train to Punggol to visit Waterway Point, do exit the station from Exit A. It will save you a lot of walking and road-crossing. As you can see in this picture below, exit A leads you directly to Waterway Point.

Punggol MRT exit to Waterway Point

If you exit the station from the other side, you’ll find yourself headed for the bus interchange instead. And you’ll have to *oops* jaywalk across the road to get to Waterway Point. Not the best option if it’s a really sunny day, or worse, if it’s raining. If you intend to pop by the new mall this weekend, be prepared to meet a large crowd of shoppers and people who just want to check out this long-awaited mall in Punggol.

Waterway Point Punggol

Hopefully the guide that I put together is useful in helping you decide when you get to the “crossroads” of Waterway Point’s entrances, whether you should enter the West Wing or the East Wing. I know the mall is still very new, and slightly “messy” because some shops are still not open and it’s easy to get ‘lost’ in this mall. So, I hope this is of help to you 🙂

Waterway Point Store Directory Guide

Do share this post with your friends who are visiting the mall too! 🙂

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  1. Actually no need to Jaywalk … there’s an underpass at the side of the mrt station.. only downside is that there’s only upriding escalator .. you have to use the stairs to climb down…

    • Wow! Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know there’s an underpass beside the station. Will check it out the next time! 🙂 I actually crossed the road just like the rest of the shoppers. Hahaha!!!

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