Pocky CNY Gift Pack With Pocky Chopsticks! Pocky Lovers Must Get One!

Glico Pocky CNY Gift Pack

I was at NTUC doing my grocery shopping the other day, and I found out that Glico Pocky has a Chinese New Year Gift Pack. It comes with 10 packs of Pocky in 4 flavors – Green tea, Chocolate, Strawberry and Cookies N Cream. No big deal right? Except it ALSO includes a pair of Pocky chopsticks that looks like Strawberry Pocky! OMG. So pretty and so creative, don’t you think? And yes, I believe all self-respecting Pocky lovers should go grab one of these Gift Packs. I’m actually tempted to get one more, since they are retailing at a discount – just S$8.55, so each pack of Pocky costs about 85 cents. And did I mention you get a pair of cool chopsticks? Ha! 😀

Pocky CNY Gift Pack

I haven’t actually tried the Cookies N Cream Pocky yet. But I do love the Strawberry and Green Tea ones. The Chocolate ones are a little ‘heaty’ for me. In the Gift Pack, you get 3 x Chocolate, 3 x Strawberry, 2 x Green Tea and 2 x Cookies N Cream.

And here’s the pair of chopsticks. I can’t bear to use them yet:

Glico Pocky Chopsticks

Don’t they look just like strawberry pocky? Hahaa! I find such creative items impossible to resist. Must.Save.Money.

Maybe next time Pocky can just send me a gift pack to review, so I don’t actually have to go buy them? Hehehe. Just thinking out loud. 😛 😉 😀


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