Waterway Point’s BurgerUP: OK Taste But Food Was Cold

Waterway Point BurgerUp Relish Beef Burger

It was Opening Day of Waterway Point yesterday, and I met my neighbors there for supper (for me) and late dinner (for them) at BurgerUP, or Burger UP, whichever you fancy. Now, when you are hungry after a long day of work, you would like to have a warm (if not, hot) meal, right? Unfortunately, despite the slightly long wait for the food, also due to the crowds, our food was served cold. And I really hate eating cold fries. Too bad the burger and the chicken wings were cold too. But let me just stop here and say that the boss and lady boss were very nice. No, they didn’t know that I blog. They were attracted over to our table by my neighbor’s cute kid. See his pictures here at the Waterway Point indoor playground.

Waterway Point playground tunnel


I thought it’s just me, or us, who found the food at BurgerUP cold. Turns out there’s another group of bloggers, over at The Halal Food Blog, who were served cold food too. How strange. Read their blogpost here.


My neighbor had the Relish Beef Burger (S$11.80 meal), which you see in the first picture above. He’s not the sort to articulate his thoughts about the burger, but I did think the lettuce looked fresh, at least. 😛 However, with regard to the chicken wings, it’s not the whole chicken wing, just the mid-joint (which is my favorite) – or rather, half the mid-joint. So there’s just one bone instead of two. It’s like how prawn mee sellers split one prawn into two sections. Why this is done, I know not. But it’s the first time I’ve seen this!

I ordered the Herbalicious Beef Burger (S$13.80 meal), because it’s not often that I eat a herb-infused(?) burger. Truth be told, I did not taste any herbs, and the beef patty leaves more to be desired but I thought the ingredients seem fresh and the burger buns are soft, just how I like them.

The fries, however, were cold too. But the boss was quick to emphasize that they do not use microwave ovens to heat up their food (which is great, health-wise), and everything is freshly prepared upon one’s order. Still doesn’t explain why my food was served cold. Anyway~~~

Waterway Point BurgerUp Herbalicious Beef Burger

My pal’s wifey had the Cranberry Chicken Burger (S$10.80 meal), which she said has a tasty sauce. She described the sour cranberry sauce as being “开胃”, which means it whets the appetite. 🙂 A pity the burger wasn’t warm. She and I did not finish our burgers. And we were rather embarrassed (a.k.a. paiseh) when the boss came round again to ask for our feedback. We shouldn’t have felt embarrassed since we are paying customers, but it’s an Asian thing, I guess. On top of that, he seemed so nice and friendly. I was being truthful and sincere when I said I’ll be back to give the establishment a second chance though. PLEASE serve me some hot food the next time, so I can write you guys a good review. I really want to. 🙂

Waterway Point BurgerUp Cranberry Chicken Burger

To order a burger, you head to one of the ordering booths and key in your order, select your drink and side dish, then collect the printed receipt. Bring the receipt to the counter where the staff will collect the money from you, and give you the drink and your side dish (only coleslaw ‘cos fries and chicken wings are served with the burgers).

Waterway Point BurgerUP ordering booth

We tried all 3 Supreme Burgers, thinking that since they are ‘Supreme’, they must be BurgerUP’s best offerings. Will try the Yin Yang Burger and Surf N Turf Burger next time. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll like them. Then I can finally say I have a new burger joint I like to go to. 🙂

Waterway Point Burger Up burgers

For the price of approximately S$12 per meal, customers will expect a little more from BurgerUP. Also, I noted that BurgerUP is banking on franchising to grow their business. From a consumer’s perspective, here’s what I think is great about this business, and what can be improved upon:

What’s Great:

  1. Customizable Burgers. Singaporeans love burgers, and they also love customizing stuff. So this is awesome.
  2. Family friendly outlet (at Waterway Point) – LCD screens at various parts of the outlet so customers can wait at their tables for their order number to show up on the screen, before heading to collect their food. Also, child seats are provided.
  3. Interesting combinations – A chicken & beef burger? A fish & chicken burger? Must try.
  4. Friendly staff – even though the outlet seemed shorthanded and slightly overwhelmed by the crowds on Waterway Point’s opening day.
  5. Each burger comes with a little sticker stating the name of the burger and its ingredients. No more puzzling over which burger is whose.
  6. Halal. So our Muslim friends can dine here too, and keep the cash registers ringing.
  7. Amazingly long opening hours. Sun – Thurs & PH: 10am to 12 midnight. Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 10am to 3am!!! [*On the flipside, I’m wondering if this means it’ll be even more difficult to hire staff]

What Needs Improving:

  1. Quality Of The Food: If one blogger says the food is cold, that’s quite bad.. If two bloggers say the food is cold, it’s potentially disastrous. If any of the famous food bloggers say the food is cold too, then OMG I-don’t-know-what-to-say. Best to start serving warm food like NOW.
  2. Why are the chicken wings only HALF chicken wings? Correction: half mid-joint wings. Which means there’s only 1 bone, instead of the usual 2 connected ones. I didn’t pay half price, did I?

Ultimately, Singaporeans don’t mind supporting #local one time (GO, SG brands!) but if after the first visit (and maybe a second), they are still not impressed, they won’t be back. Something all F&B owners should note. 🙂

BURGER UP is at #B2-06 of Waterway Point. Tel: 63844509

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Another pal visited BurgerUP and told me the fried mushrooms are good. Hmm. I didn’t know they serve fried mushrooms here, but ok, I’ll try them on my next visit. 😀