The French Table @ Waterway Point: Amazing Value 9.90 Lunch Sets!

The French Table Braised Pork Belly With Mash

If you don’t already know, I am in love with Waterway Point, the new mall in Punggol. 😀 This is my 3rd food review in 4 days since the mall first opened on 18th Jan. LOL. I’m sorry the pictures don’t do justice to the AWESOME lunch I had at The French Table this afternoon. I was there slightly after 1pm today and it was so easy to get a table. I sensed that there were decidedly fewer people in Waterway Point today – has the ‘magic’ worn off already? My lunch companion and I had initially thought that The French Table sounds, you know, atas and maybe pricey. But their lunch specials cost just S$9.90 before tax and service charge!

I chose the Braised Pork Belly because who can resist pork belly, you tell me? 😀 And it was such a fabulous choice, even if I do say so myself! My knife sliced through the skin and fat like a hot knife through butter. The pork is so soft, and the fatty bits are so, well, fatty and delicious, that I just had to stop myself halfway to take this photo, as a reminder of a yummy meal:

The French Table Braised Pork Belly

And the mashed potato which came with the braised pork belly was incredibly tasty too! I want more of it!!! There was a salad as well.

And before I forget, we were first served the cream of tomato soup before the mains. I found it very tangy, and didn’t quite finish it. I guess they used real tomatoes to make this soup, for it to taste this sour. You can request for some pepper, if you’d like.

The French Table Cream Of Tomato Soup

And we both had the iced peach tea which came free with the set lunches. You can select iced ocha too. I was very impressed that the drink that came with my S$9.90 lunch actually had a peach slice in it! WOW! This blew me away.

The French Table Iced Peach Tea

He ordered the Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up. It was a good choice too. Slice through the egg yolk with your knife and watch the runny yolk flow out and coat the rice and other ingredients below. The wonderful flavors feel like a dance is happening on your tongue. And I love how The French Table is generous with the mushrooms, onion, and beef. If the Braised Pork Belly is my favorite item here, this teriyaki beef with rice is a close second!

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

My empty plate… HEHEHE!

The French Table Review

I asked one of the male wait staff how long this promotion would last and he said it’ll probably be 3 months or so. That definitely surprised me. Yummy Pork Belly at just S$9.90 and I can enjoy this promo for the next 3 months? No kidding! I don’t know how long this promo will actually last, but I do know that YOU should definitely pop by and try it yourself. I was told it’s available on weekends too! (Update: TFT Management has written to me to clarify that the promotion is NOT available on weekends! Please pop by on weekdays instead) Starting from 11am to about 3pm. Die die must try ok!

The French Table Lunch Set Promotion

And if your kids are tempted to touch the “display food” outside the restaurant, be warned that it is REAL food, not the plastic display ones. And you can check out the actual serving sizes. REALLY good value for money. I’ll be back, FOR SURE!

The French Table Waterway Point

Waterway Point The French Table

Set lunches for 2 cost us S$23.30 total, inclusive of tax. Unbeatable value for money. So pardon me for raving about this restaurant. In case you are wondering, nope, the food was not sponsored, and I was not paid for this review. I walked in today just like everyone else, lured by the pork belly display and low price! Haha!

The French Table boasts a good view of the Waterway and the surrounding area too. Get a table near the full-length windows if you can. It’s located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. Tel: 63858052. I noted that there were two child seats or high chairs (whatever you call them) during my visit. I’m not sure if it’s sufficient for the young families who will be visiting. So, maybe make a reservation before you head over if you are bringing a young kid, and tell the staff to reserve one for you?

Service was excellent this afternoon too. And they serve free water here – go grab a cup at the water dispenser. 🙂

And as the French might say… Bon Appétit!~

Final Update: TFT changes the lunch set menu every 2-3 weeks so you’re assured of something new each time you visit 🙂 Most recently, it’s…

Soup: Cream of California and Corn
Main Courses: Pork Ragout Pizza OR Carbonara Pasta OR Chicken Curry Baked Rice with poached egg
Drinks: Iced Peach Tea / Iced Ocha
*I do hope they’ll change it back to pork belly again soon! 😀 😀 😀

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The French Table Pork Belly

[ Different presentation and ingredients ]

I visited The French Table again on 24/02/2016. Unfortunately, the pork belly was not as good the second time. The plating was different, the vegetables were different, and most importantly, the texture of the pork belly was different.

Apparently the sauce had been changed to a “thai sweet red wine sauce”. I’d sent feedback to the chef via their marketing personnel, ‘cos I was a little paiseh to just walk right up and say that the pork belly wasn’t as good as during my first visit. 😛 😉

The texture of the pork belly was just too tough for my liking during my second visit. Couldn’t finish it all. The mash was still yummy. And the boiled vegetables were ok, I guess.

Hmm… not really sure if I’ll pop by again. But I was quite adamant that I didn’t want a hosted lunch here because I think going incognito (read: undercover) is better so I get to taste the food just like any one of YOU would. Then my reviews would be more accurate. 🙂


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