5 Best Value-For-Money Restaurants And Eateries In Waterway Point

Before Waterway Point opened, I spent very little on food, preferring to cook my own meals at home. But now that there are so many restaurants and eateries (which are new to Punggol) to check out, I’ve busted my budget in under a week. In this blogpost, I’ll share with you my top 5 recommendations for the best restaurants and eateries in Waterway Point that are absolutely worth every dollar you spend there! 🙂 Go check them out if you’re visiting Waterway Point, and keep your fingers crossed that these establishments aren’t crowded when you visit! If you need a guide to Waterway Point’s slightly confusing East and West Wings, click here.

#1: The French Table (S$9.90++ Lunch Promo)

The French Table Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Sunny Side Up

Read my review of The French Table here. I highly recommend their Braised Pork Belly with Mash set! I had their cream of tomato soup and their iced peach tea with my meal. The total cost for 2 pax to dine here with their lunch promo is only S$23.30. The restaurant is located at #01-31 of Waterway Point. UNBEATABLE price, DELICIOUS food. 🙂

#2: Encik Tan: S$5 Signature Noodles (*HALAL eatery)

Encik Tan Waterway Point

There’s always a long queue outside Encik Tan’s. And I finally decided to brave the queue for a late lunch today. It was past 3pm, mind you. The lady at the cashier said last night’s queue was even longer, and I would definitely not have gotten any food then. OMG. I ordered their Signature Noodles (S$5 + S$1 top up for lime juice). I like the fishballs, their special chicken meatballs, and especially their chili sauce which works so well with the meepok! And I don’t even like meepok in the first place! But I whacked this whole bowl of noodles because it was yummy and I was hungry after queuing for so long. LOL! Encik Tan’s is located at #B2-03 of Waterway Point.

#3: Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh (*Free soup refills)

Waterway Point Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

You can read my review of Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh here. I’m not Cantonese but I do love drinking soup. And I like bak kut teh because I get free refills of soup. LOL. I also heard from a friend who dined here after I did, that some customers (who are in the know) requested for free 卤汁 (braised meat sauce?) for drizzling over their rice. And the smoked duck is supposedly pretty good too (I wouldn’t know; I don’t eat ‘smoked’ items). Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh is located at #B1-23 of Waterway Point.

#4: Miam Miam (great place for dessert if you’re already sick of fruit tarts)

Miam Miam Berries Cheesecake Parfait

I’d visited another Miam Miam outlet at Westgate two years ago. Their Caramelised Banana Pancake, and this Berries Cheesecake Parfait are out-of-this-world, according to my earlier review. *Update: I’ve tried the Chocolate Molleaux dessert at Waterway Point! 😀 Check out my review of Miam Miam at Waterway Point (location: #01-62).

#5: Pizza Hut (Say what?! YEAH! Pizza Hut!)

Pizza Hut Waterway Point

On the opening day of Waterway Point last Monday, EVERYWHERE was packed with people. And for my lunch appointment, I had no choice but to head to Pizza Hut where it had what looked like the shortest queue among all the restaurants that were open for business. XD I ordered the Valulicious Set Lunch which included the Pesto Baked Salmon you see in the picture above, chicken soup and an iced lemon tea. It cost S$17.20. After making payment, I noticed that at the bottom of the receipt was an invitation to take a survey (just like on Subway receipts!) and the reward was a FREE personal pan pizza (choose from Hawaiian and Veggie) on my next visit. Pretty cool eh? I have yet to claim my free pizza, but I’m already very happy about it. LOL. Oh, and service was excellent too. 🙂 Pizza Hut is located at #B1-11 of Waterway Point.


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