Miam Miam @ Waterway Point: Desserts Probably Worth Getting Fat For

Miam Miam Chocolate Molleaux

Remember in my previous post about the 5 Best Value-for-money Restaurants & Eateries in Waterway Point I mentioned Miam Miam and their Chocolate Molleaux, which I had yet to try? Well, now I have! 😀 Do not be deceived by my photo – it is actually a really small dessert. If you’re sharing it with a loved one, well, there’s not very much to share! 😀 It is basically a dark chocolate lava cake (served warm) with softee – that combination of hot + cold is awesome. This little dessert costs S$9.80. Great for special occasions, methinks. 🙂 [*Wait about 15-20 minutes while your dessert is being prepared!]

Then, we had the irresistible Caramelised Bananas Pancake too. It costs S$13.80 (a dollar more than when I reviewed Miam Miam at Westgate two years ago). The softee melts super fast, probably ‘cos the pancake is warm, but the best part has to be those caramelised chunky pieces of banana. Sedap! This particular dessert is more suitable for sharing than the Chocolate Molleaux (try pronouncing the word, by the way!) 😀

Miam Miam Caramelised Bananas Pancake


My pals had dinner here too. The omu rice was described as being “egg on rice, that’s all”. But the pasta here seems pretty enjoyable. I have to say it again: Miam Miam is really great for dessert. I’m not so sure about the French-Japanese fusion food, but the desserts are really YUM! 😀 But, of course, eat them early in the day if you can, unless you are like some of my pals who just don’t get fat no matter how large their sugar intake is. *sigh*

Miam Miam Waterway Point

Waterway Point Miam Miam

Miam Miam is located at #01-62 Waterway Point. Tel: 68370301.