The Coffee House @ Waterway Point: Good Drinks Here!

The Coffee House Waterway Point

I popped by The Coffee House at Waterway Point with my pals for a post-dinner ‘la kopi’ session. It is by no means a Hong Kong style cha chan teng, it is very much Singaporean. Actually we chose The Coffee House because Ya Kun was not serving any food once it’s 9.30pm (very strange since the outlet closes at 10pm), we found that the drinks at The Coffee House are decent!

I had the Teh-C, which was pretty good. And my pals had iced kopi and the soursop cooler. If you’d like to meet your pals for a drink at Waterway Point, do head to The Coffee House.

The food, though, needs some working on. The pictures in the menu are very well-taken, admittedly.

I ordered the laksa (S$7.30) and even before it was served, the wait staff came over to say that the “la la” is unavailable so is it ok if they put more ‘hum‘ into my laksa instead? I was stumped. Laksa got la la meh?ย Anyway, the boss also came over and offered to include scallops instead. But someone at my table told him there’s no need to, even though it was MY laksa order. Whuttttttttt… And the boss happily did not include any scallops in my laksa. And there were just 5 small pieces of ‘hum‘ i.e. cockles. At times like these, I appreciate the tasting sessions held for bloggers – we get anything and everything we want to eat. If you’re an ordinary customer… well… yeah. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

One point for improvement: the laksa broth is not quite hot… just slightly above lukewarm… therefore takย shiok.

The Coffee House Laksa

I figured that instead of paying S$25.80 for laksa with grilled lobster and not knowing whether it tastes good beforehand, why not just try the laksa on its own first? If it’s good, then order the lobster version next time, ya? *Anyway the lobster version was not available during my visit. The kong ba pau also wasn’t available. And neither was the muah chee, and a few other items. Bummer.

The Coffee House Laksa with Grilled Lobster

The popiah (at S$5.50 for 2 pieces) tasted very ‘vegetarian’:

The Coffee House popiah

I think the white radish used was not drained well enough so the popiah skin got soaked and rather soggy. The chili could do with more oomph and maybe add prawn or something else into the popiah for better texture?

BUT I have to say that the menu looks pretty awesome. The pictures are so enticing, and the concept is cool. Take their oyster seafood soup, for instance, which seems like something I would try. Question is, if the coffee house runs out of oysters, will they give me scallops? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

The Coffee House Oyster Seafood Soup

Good place for drinks lah! Will be back for Teh-C!

The Coffee House is at #B2-05 of Waterway Point.