Pine Garden’s Cake: That ‘New Old School’ Bakery In Ang Mo Kio

Pine Garden's Cake

I’ve known about Pine Garden’s Cake for a long time now. I even did an interview (back in 2011) with the founders’ son, who calls himself the ‘baker’s boy’ in EDM blasts. 🙂 I was back at Pine Garden’s Cake in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 today to pick up the tub of pineapple tarts that I had pre-ordered from them – I paid S$25.38 for a tub of some 40 tarts I think. There’s 6% off the usual price if you order them early. LOL. Yes, 6%. And since the bakery is not anywhere near my home, and I had to travel a bit just to get there, I ended up picking up some hazelnut cookies and cake slices too! 😀 #SingaporeanBuyersMentality

pine gardens cakes

So here I have a slice of Lychee Martini cake (OH YEAH! Lychee Martini. It tastes as good as it sounds), Black Forest cake (‘cos I like black forest cakes lah) and a tiny rum ball that costs S$2 ‘cos it’s what my mom likes but don’t ask me why. So that’s basically my family’s way of getting fat over the weekend. Yup. I know it’ll rock. 🙂

And here’s my quick review of the ‘cookies’ I brought home today. First, the pineapple tarts. Honestly, when I first set eyes upon them in the bakery today, I was disappointed. The pastry looked dry and I was thinking “Oh no! Did I purchase the wrong item?! ARGH!!!” When I got home and tried it though, it’s actually very yummy and didn’t taste dry at all. In fact, it appears as if the bakers who made these put as much thought into creating the pastry as they did for the pineapple filling. Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson here is: Looks are deceiving. This tub of pineapple tarts has gotten my stamp of approval. If you see it at a discount at any point in time, BUY!

Pine Gardens cake

As for the Hazelnut cookies, my goodness! After eating one, I realized that I’ve never actually known the REAL meaning of ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ until I popped one of these hazelnut wonders into my mouth. It just disintegrates immediately on your tongue, and you are left amazed… wondering how the bakers got the cookie to stay in one piece in the beginning if it falls apart so easily! Real magic in a tub. MUST TRY!!! I bought one tub for the future in-laws (a really great choice ‘cos no chewing is required) and one tub for my trainer, who I know will appreciate them (and make me do fewer push-ups, I hope). And if you’re wondering how I got one piece to try, well, my most discerning other half KNEW exactly what I was thinking – he offered me the cookies out of the tub I had gotten for his parents. Ahahaha!

And, whatever you do, DO NOT talk to me about calories, workouts, getting fat, etc. It’s Chinese New Year, and a Chinese person has gotta do what a Chinese person must. Otherwise, why do people hire personal trainers? Hahahaha! 😀 And if you need a recommendation for a trainer, contact me for more information. *wink*