Dulux My Ambiance x Janice Wong: Dulux ART at Naumi Hotel

naumi hotel seah street

I visited Naumi Hotel on Saturday. It’s located at 41 Seah Street, a short walk from the Esplanade MRT station. The facade of the building is so interesting (what with the greenery and the artwork) that even tourists can’t help snapping a picture as they walk by! 🙂 But what brought me there was the artwork within, that was created by celebrity chef, Janice Wong, founder of 2am: dessertbar, 2am: lab and Janice Wong.

When you enter Naumi Hotel, you’ll first encounter the pristine white reception counter, with the words ‘FOLLOW ME’ behind the staff… then you’ll see 5 panels painted by Janice.

I really like how the spotlights illuminate certain portions, and lets other areas be in the shadows. It’s not just a play with colors, which Janice uses many of, but also a play with light. Cool stuff!

Dulux My Ambiance

There is no immediately distinguishable theme, e.g. sunflowers or blue skies. Instead, it’s a composition of shades of white, grey, black, red, orange, and many more in-between. I do wonder what inspired Janice to come up with these 5 panels.

She is, apparently, leaving it up to our imaginations! How lovely!

Here’s what Janice says about her artwork:


Every wall is a blank canvas, using pure imagination and
absolute freedom to express, I mix Dulux base coats and
Ambiance paints to create layers of paintings which are finally
disrupted by 5(?) brown copper panels.

Not only does Dulux paint serve as a layer of paint coat on the
wall, it is also ART.

And check out how the spotlights cast interesting shadows on her masterpieces:

Dulux My Ambiance by Janice Wong

Looking at her artwork, it reminds me of waves on a stormy sea, what with the broad brushstrokes and choice of colors. What is truly impressive, though, is the texture. In some areas, the paint creates an almost 3D effect. This you’ll have to see for yourself when you pop by Naumi Hotel!

Better yet, get your hands on Dulux Ambiance™ special effects paints and and get creative on your own walls a.k.a. canvases. *wink*

Do check out my earlier blogpost about the Dulux Ambiance paints. They come in various colors and can create amazing textures: Marble, Velvet, Metallic and Linen. My favorite has to be linen:

Dulux Ambiance Nadya's Linen Felt Grey

The beauty of Dulux Ambiance’s range is how you can mix and match various colors and textures to create your own unique masterpieces, transforming dull walls at home into brilliant paintings to personalize just about every inch in your home! 🙂

The possibilities are truly endless:

Dulux Ambiance Color Chart

Dulux Ambiance


And here’s a bit more information about Chef Janice:

“Chef Janice Wong’s never-ending passion for culinary art has propelled her forward to test the limits of dessert making. The native Singaporean has learned from some of the world’s best chefs, including US luminaries Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz, virtuoso Spanish chocolatier Oriol Balaguer, and prodigious French pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

An undisputed favourite among sweet-toothed Singaporeans, her dessert restaurant 2am:dessertbar has redefined the dessert experience, pushing the boundaries between sweet and savoury, with carefully researched progressive dishes. Sister concept 2am:lab is a multi-functional space used for research, workshops, private dining experiences and events.

She has also opened a her first eponymous sweets boutique JANICE WONG at the end of last year. Chef Janice has received worldwide recognition for her cutting edge creations and is a regular on the global pop-up circuit – proof that 2am:dessertbar is more than just a sugar rush. She has recently been named “Asia’s Best Pastry Chef” for the second year running by the prestigious San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best for 2014.”


Dulux My Ambiance x Janice Wong

Do head over to Naumi Hotel to check out Chef Janice’s artwork and get some inspiration for your own creations at home or in the office! 🙂

In the meantime, don’t forget to download the coffee-table book for inspiration at http://duluxambiance.com.sg/ You can also learn more about the Ambiance range via the website! 🙂