Zakka Modern Thai at Waterway Point: Good Thai Food in Punggol

Zakka Modern Thai at Punggol Waterway Point

Punggol’s new mall, Waterway Point, has many interesting restaurants and one of them is Zakka Modern Thai. If you like Thai food, it is one restaurant you might want to visit soon. At Zakka Modern Thai, I discovered some very tasty dishes that I want to recommend to all my friends. So read on… 🙂

Zakka Modern Thai

If you’re curious about what Zakka means, here’s what a quick Google search brings up:

Zakka meaning

At Zakka, the chefs make little improvements to original Thai recipes so as to bring authentic Thai food to the next level – modern and extraordinary, yet not “fusion” nor pretentious. In other words, they strive to make good Thai dishes taste even better to Singaporeans. I’ve heard that the head chef has been cooking Thai food for over 20 years, so I was definitely looking forward to this lunch hosted by Zakka. *Thanks so much for having me and my pals over! 😀

Zakka has proven that a good recipe can still be improved upon. For instance, the watermelon salad comes with salmon instead of catfish (which is in the original recipe) because the chefs have found that salmon makes this Thai dish taste even better.

And while the chefs are given the leeway to unleash their creativity when it comes to the menu, customers also have the option of making special requests. If you don’t like your food to be very spicy, the chef can omit the chili from the salad, for example. So don’t be afraid of asking. 🙂


Here are the dishes we tried:

Salmon & Watermelon Salad S$12.80

Zakka Salmon and Watermelon Salad

You’ve probably tried mango salad at many other restaurants. But this salmon and watermelon salad is a combination of sweet watermelon balls + sour-ish mango slices + crispy salmon: an interesting mix of taste and texture. I really love the addition of watermelon, which offers a refreshing respite when you’ve been eating a lot of spicy Thai food. 🙂 So don’t polish off this appetizer too quickly! LOL.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup S$12.80

Zakka Seafood Tom Yum Soup

One great thing about Zakka is the chef’s willingness to tone down the level of spiciness – just indicate to the wait staff that you’d like a less spicy version of tom yum soup. 🙂 This one was just right, allowing us to slurp up the soup like a pro, without setting our tongues on fire. For the price, though, it would be great if there could be more of the yummy seafood and mushrooms. 🙂

Zakka Wings S$8.80

Zakka Wings Waterway Point

Zakka places a lot of emphasis on wanting customers to enjoy their visit, so they go the extra mile in cutting the mid-joint chicken wings into two, so it’s easier to eat without having to struggle with getting the chicken meat out from between two bones. Very thoughtful indeed.

(Homemade) Salmon Otah S$9.80

Zakka Salmon Otah

When I saw this on the menu, I knew I just had to order it. And it did not disappoint! Actually, I can eat just this homemade salmon otah, plain rice, plus a cup of thai milk tea. It’d be a most satisfying meal already. The otah is so tasty, and the level of spiciness is just perfect. I need to order this again! 😀 And no, the next time round, I won’t be sharing the otah with anyone. It’s all MINE! 😀

Iberico Garlic Pork S$14.80

Zakka Iberico Garlic Pork

This is deep-fried Spanish Iberico pork collar served with a Thai green chili dip. Actually the pork is awesome just on its own. And it went so well with my plate of white rice. 😀 If you’re like me and you’re wondering why it’s called “iberico pork” instead of just “pork”, well here’s the answer from Google: “The Ibérico pig is an indigenous species that is only found in the Iberian peninsula. The superb quality of the meat from the Ibérico pig is down to the climate, their freedom to roam outdoors and their diet.” In short, this is very yummy atas pork. Order and try ok? 🙂

Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle S$14.80

Zakka Thai Style Braised Pork Knuckle

You can’t really tell how truly BIG this serving of pork knuckle is from the photo. But it’s great value for money! Make sure you order this dish if you are a fan of pork knuckle. I guarantee you won’t regret it. We shared this among the three of us! The meat is so tender and it’s quite amazing how it falls off the bone. Braised to perfection, this is. MUST order!

Salt Baked Fish S$32.80 – whole seabass

Zakka Waterway Point Salt Baked Fish

This salt baked fish can definitely feed a whole family. 🙂 The waiter helped remove the layer of salt and the skin of the fish, and revealed well-baked (and still tender) fish, with steam still rising from it. You can either eat the flesh of the fish on its own, or wrap it up in a lettuce leaf, together with the coriander and other herbs, with a little squeeze of lime, plus the sauce. And whatever you do, DO NOT eat the layer of salt ok? LOL

Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish S$15.80

Zakka Claypot Black Pepper Crayfish

I love glass noodles with everything. Whether it’s with this black pepper crayfish or with steamboat, I simply love tang hoon. So for me this would make a very satisfying meal on its own. 🙂

And now… for dessert! Likely the HIGHLIGHT of our meal! 😀

The Mango Sticky Rice (S$12.80) comes with two-color glutinous rice served with fresh mango and coconut ice cream with azuki beans.

Zakka Mango Sticky Rice

This is indeed Zakka – an improvement on the original mango sticky rice. You get black glutinous rice too, beside the white. And red beans with the coconut ice cream. What can I say? You definitely should order this dessert after your meal. And go ahead and share it among 2, 3 or even 4 friends. 🙂

As for drinks, like any decent Thai food restaurant, there’s free iced water. You can also order the juices which are all freshly squeezed. And here’s what we had:

Zakka Waterway Point

[ Chai Milk Tea Latte S$5.90, Watermelon Breeze S$8.90, Thai Iced Lemongrass S$5.90 ]


Zakka Modern Thai comes under the same parent company that manages The French Table (also at Waterway Point). I think it might be beneficial if they do some kind of cross-promotion, such as giving diners at Zakka some vouchers to try out TFT’s food as well, and vice versa. This way, customers can enjoy the same attention to detail, the same great value for money, and the same enjoyable dining experience. I’m a fan of The French Table’s set lunch promo – check out my review here. 🙂

To visit Zakka Modern Thai, head to #01-29 of Waterway Point’s East Wing. Opening hours: 1130am to 10pm. Tel: 6385 8044.

*Lots of thanks to my pal, Bosco from Hearted Moments Photography, for the pictures taken of this meal. 😀


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