UAG Phone Cases Make Your Phone Crack-Proof And Scratch-Proof

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Phone Case

At the recent Lazada Blogger Bazaar, I came across the UAG booth and listened in as a guy was doing a demonstration. I DID NOT expect him to suddenly pick up his MacBook from the table and DROP IT ON THE GROUND from chest-level! It prompted an exclamation from me… I don’t remember what I actually uttered but it might have been along the lines of “OHMAGAWD!!!” Every single time I hear someone’s phone hit the ground on a train, I have a sharp intake of breath and I look around to see who’s the unfortunate fella, and send him/her a commiserating look to show that “I know your pain, bro/sis”. So why was this demo guy dropping his MacBook as if it didn’t cost the thousands of dollars I’m sure it did?! The answer, my friend, is this range of military standard Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cases.

UAG tablet cases

As someone who frequently drops her phone, yup, this is exactly what I need. And interestingly enough, though it is SO incredibly hard to find a phone case for my (almost antique) Samsung S5 phone, UAG has one for me in the color they call ‘Ice’. The other colors (White, Slate, Rust and Black) are all sold out. If you have an S5 phone and need a case, you can get a UAG one from their website at USD34.95. If you’re an Apple fanboy/girl, you can get the cases from the Lazada Singapore website. For the iPhone 6/6s, there are some designs capable of storing your cards (credit card, ezlink card, etc). Go check it out here:

The phone case I was using right before this is from typo – the popular stationery store. I have the pink hello kitty one with polka dots. The case itself has gotten scratched from the times I dropped my phone or had it bump into a sharp corner. So I happily swapped it for the UAG one.

Hello Kitty Samsung Phone Case

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Phone Case

I like how the corners are all protected, which helps prevent the screen from cracking after a drop. There’s also a HD screen protector provided so I can protect my handphone screen from scratches too.

UAG says its cases are ‘feather light’ so I put it to the test and found that the UAG case is a mere 16g heavier than my Hello Kitty one! For that minimal increase in weight, I get military standard protection for my phone. 🙂

As for testing my phone by dropping it.. *GASP* I’m not up to the challenge. But if I get a case of butter fingers again, I’ll let you know if my phone survived the drop. 😀

To purchase a UAG case in Singapore, click here: