Mr Bean @ City Square Mall: Chicken Meatball Porridge With A Twist

Mr Bean Chicken Meatballs Porridge

Whenever I feel like drinking bubble tea, but I want a healthier alternative, I’ll head to Mr Bean for their soya milk with pearl beverage. 🙂 And when I want to eat ice cream, but I don’t want to feel guilty about it, I’ll buy Mr Bean’s soya ice cream (cone, not cup!) And yesterday, I finally got to try Mr Bean’s Chicken Meatball Porridge, after spotting their ad a couple of times.

The reason why it took me so long to finally try their porridge dish is because Mr Bean stalls usually don’t come with seating areas. And there aren’t any seats at their outlet at City Square Mall but I noted that there were some seats near the outdoor kid’s playground (usually for parents who are watching their kids play), so I bought a bowl of the porridge and sat there to savor Mr Bean’s (new?) creation.

Once you open the plastic lid, you’ll be hit by that overwhelmingly yummy smell of fried shallots, which I love. As for the porridge itself, it’s hot, tasty, and the best part is that it does not have lumps! I really dislike lumpy porridge – I don’t know how those clumps form, is it due to uneven heat distribution, or the journey it took to bring the porridge home? I don’t know. The description on Mr Bean’s standee says the “Rice & millet grains (are) slowed cooked to perfection with Mr Bean Classic Soya Milk”. They are speaking the truth. I do also like the addition of peanuts, which really adds great flavor to the porridge.

Mr Bean City Square Mall

As for the meatballs, they remind me of those my late grandmother used to make. Soft on the inside, flavorful (I think they added salt, soya sauce, etc) and they go so well with the porridge.

The only item that I would remove from the porridge is the youtiao. It’s small, hard and dry, and does nothing to add to the overall experience. The elderly who are wearing dentures will likely struggle with it. 😛

If you’re looking for comfort food, or something warm on a rainy day, look no further than your nearest Mr Bean stall. 🙂 I’m not sure if the porridge is sold at ALL outlets or not, but keep a lookout for it, ya?

The price of the porridge ranges from S$3 to S$3.80 🙂


Hats off to the R&D team from Mr Bean though. They keep innovating and coming up with new products. I think I spotted grass jelly yesterday. And they have special cookies too. And the flavors for their pancakes… OMG. I think I saw a Kaya Cheese one?

At the end of the day, I think I’ll still go back for their ice cream. For under S$2, I get a guilt-free frosty treat that satisfies my ice cream craving, but doesn’t make me feel like I should skip the next meal because of the calories I’ve just ingested. LOL!