The Old Pontian Cafe at City Square Mall: Famous For Wanton Mee

The Old Pontian Cafe

After Waterway Point, City Square Mall might just be my new favorite mall. 😀 It’s so eco-friendly, and there are recycling bins everywhere you go. LOVE IT! 🙂 Anyway, this post is about the Wanton Mee I ate yesterday. There’s this place called ‘The Old Pontian Cafe’ at the basement of City Square Mall, which sells many noodle dishes. Their signature dish is the Wanton Mee though, so I just had to try it.

I love that one fried wanton that is served together with the noodles. It’s deep-fried till utter crispiness – it gives a really loud CRUNCH when you bite into it. Yummy! There’s also a decent portion of vegetables. And I love how the noodles are springy and chewy. Not the ‘mian mian‘ (soft and limp) kind. As for the char siew though… it’s rather dry. And the texture and taste reminds me of mock meat, and not actual roast meat. I might skip it next time, or just offer it to whomever’s dining together with me. LOL.

And for once, I actually tried (and enjoyed) the small bowl of soup given. There are two boiled wantons inside. 🙂 Nearly missed them out. I usually avoid drinking these soups because they tend to be little more than MSG + water. The soup from Pontian is quite tasty, and doesn’t make me extremely thirsty after drinking it. If you’re wondering what I usually do with the soup if I don’t drink it, well, I use it as ‘hot water’ to sterilize the chopsticks and spoon I’m using. 😀 😀

The pickled green chili served, though, is very different from your usual wanton mee green chili. The green chili here looks very crunchy and a dark green in color. As if it’s quite raw, and has not been pickled for long. However, it tastes good.

It costs S$3.50 for a small bowl of wanton mee, which is good enough for me as a meal. 🙂 Go ahead and order a large portion if you’re feeling hungry.

If you enter City Square Mall via the underpass from the Farrer Park MRT station, you won’t miss this stall – The Old Pontian Cafe. 🙂