Winter Organics’ Chamomile Facial Cleanser: Good For Your Skin & The Environment


Winter Organics Chamomile Facial Cleanser

I’ve been using Winter Organics’ Chamomile Facial Cleanser for about a month now, and I think it’s a great product I’d like to recommend to all my pals. I like how the product is certified cruelty free, contains organic ingredients, and most importantly, comes in biodegradable packaging – the tube and even the cap is biodegradable! How awesome! 🙂 And if you’d like to try this product, I have a discount code for you at the end of this blogpost.

Winter Organics Cruelty Free

I’m very careful with the skincare products I use because my skin is rather sensitive to certain ingredients and even weather changes and environmental pollution – I get bad breakouts in countries with polluted air.

This Chamomile Facial Cleanser is made using 100% Natural ingredients, 85% of which are certified organic ingredients. Another reason to support this brand is that it’s a Singapore brand though the product is manufactured in Australia!

I have been advised that there are many natural brands in the market these days with hidden chemical ingredients and claims of being “organic” even though the organic ingredients only make up 1% – 2% of the formula! Not so for Winter Organics. Under the Australian Certified Organic Standards (ACO) and to be ‘USDA Certified Organic’, all their products have to undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure they are only made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. The certification process and random manufacturing audits separate the truly natural products from the rest. I truly appreciate having this peace of mind. 🙂

And there are no complicated steps to using it. Simply wet your face then massage the product in circles onto your face and neck. Then rinse it off. 🙂

Facial Cleansing

I also like that this Chamomile Facial Cleanser foams up well. A little goes a long way. Simply mix a twenty-cent coin-sized amount of the product with water and rub it between your palms and watch it foam up:

Winter Organics Cleanser

Impressive, no? 🙂

Plus here’s a tip for people who often have skin woes: After washing your face, dry your face using a clean piece of tissue, instead of your face towel or bath towel! This is to prevent the spread of bacteria from your towel to your face. 🙂

With a pH value of 5, Winter Organics’ Chamomile Facial Cleasner is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin! You also get added reassurance that it’s good for your skin as it is chemical-free: there are no Parabens, GMO, SLS, SLES, ALS, and Artificial Colours/Fragrances.

Choose the all-natural cleanser for your face, and start enjoying clean and radiant skin 🙂

Chamomile Facial Cleanser Winter Organics

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