Original Source Shower Gels: Now In Cheaper, More Eco-Friendly Packs

Original Source shower foam Batam

[ Picture taken in Batam ]

The inspiration for this post came from a recent trip to Batam. I’ve been using Original Source shower gels since the time I got some for free after attending a Shopee media event. And since then, I’ve been trying the various scents (I’ve definitely got my favs: ‘Lavender & Tea Tree’ and ‘Mango’). While in a personal care store in Batam, I spotted Original Source shower gels that came in big 500ml packs which cost 49,500 rupiah, and claim to have been made using 75% less plastic! Compare this with the usual size (250ml, which is HALF of the big pack) and which costs 40,400 rupiah. It’s a no-brainer. Pay S$1 more, and get twice the usual amount of shower gel! And the packaging is more eco-friendly now too.

Original Source seasonal edition Batam

[ Picture taken in Batam ]

So, Original Source fans, please buy the 500ml packs and save more money, and help save the environment too.

I’ve just bought two of the 500ml packs from Shopee, at a discounted price of S$11 (using a promo code that I received together with my handphone bill).

Here they are:

 Original Source 500ml packs


Before you make any decisions about purchasing any products, please check the ingredients label. For instance, these shower gels I’ve bought contain ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Propylene Glycol. (I’ve only just noticed) You can do a Google search to find out more about the ingredients, then make your purchasing decision after being fully aware of what goes into the products you are buying. 🙂 Sometimes I find it such a hassle to check what ingredients are used and whether they are good for my health or pose any risks to it. I’ll start taking a more active approach to this, starting today. 🙂

If you’re just too lazy to bother (I’m not judging you), then please just pick those with more environmentally-friendly packaging, ok? It’s likely better for your wallet too. 😉 😛