Bakerzin @ Vivocity: Good Dessert Place Plus Get $5 Discount!

Bakerzin Signature Burger

After our 6km My Little Pony Friendship Run, we had brunch at Bakerzin at Vivocity. I think Bakerzin is really a dessert place, more so than a food place, if you get what I mean. Looking through the menu, you’ll realize that dessert is given priority, with many pages at the first half of the menu. As for the mains, I’d have to say it’s either hit or miss.

He ordered the Bakerzin Signature Burger (pictures above and below), which came together with potato wedges. I love that the wedges were steaming hot when served. I really cannot tahan cold fries or wedges. As for the burger…. I’m not a big fan of it. In fact, it came served with a huge imprint on top, like someone tried to press down on it using his/her thumb:

Bakerzin Vivocity

The burger costs S$17.90. (There’s a Groupon voucher you can use during the month of March, so go purchase it now if you’d like)

I had the ‘Mum’s Chicken Curry’ (S$16.50). You can choose to get it served with rice or ciabatta.

Bakerzin Mum's Chicken Curry

The curry seems to be more of the Indian kind than the usual Chinese curries I’m used to. It’s thicker, more fragrant and would go so well with a baguette from Delifrance. I LOVE that there’s a lot of potato in this dish. Not just one or two miserable chunks, but probably an entire large potato cut up. Be careful of the chili padi in this dish though. He accidentally bit into one and immediately regretted it. Haha!

And now, for dessert…

Bakerzin Warm Chocolate Cake

The warm chocolate cake is so delicious! There’s a molten chocolate lava centre which is warm, and tastes SO GOOD paired with cold ice cream. The menu states that it’s vanilla ice cream, but I tasted coconut instead. Weird. And there’s so much of that chocolatey goodness in the cake, that some oozed out onto the platter. And I rolled the strawberries in the chocolate and shared them with my darling. Hehe. Yummy chocolate-coated strawberries! 😀 This dessert costs S$11.50.


Water costs 30 cents a glass at Bakerzin. I don’t really like the idea of paying for water, so I usually bring my own water bottle once I know that the cafe or restaurant I’m visiting doesn’t serve (free) water. It’s the same at Cedele at Waterway Point.

If you’d like a S$5 discount off your bill, go ahead and download the Bakerzin app. New users get a S$5 welcome e-voucher (you can use it immediately). Also, you get to earn cash rebates every time you dine at Bakerzin. We earned S$4 today.

If you own these cards, you can get discounts too:

  1. PASSION card and SAFRA card: 10% off with min. S$30 dine-in spending
  2. HSBC, OCBC, UnionPay cards: 15% off your total bill (S$30 min. spending for the UnionPay one)

Bakerzin, Vivocity


Tel: 6438 8700