My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016: A Stunning Success!

My Little Pony Run 2016

I think I enjoyed today’s My Little Pony Friendship Run more than the previous two installments of the Hello Kitty Run even though I’m a Kitty fan! It’s because of the various race categories. It ensures that those who are serious about running can sign up for the competitive 6km race, while those who want to walk can sign up for either 4km or 1km. So the people I ran with this morning were largely made up of participants who were keen on setting a good personal best timing for the 6km and I did not actually see anyone ahead of me stop mid-race to take a selfie or photo. LOL. But I did get a photo of the ‘rainbow balloons’ as you can see above. Oops. Hehe!

The MLP Friendship Run was held at the area near Sentosa’s Palawan Beach. All participants received free entry into Sentosa so I guess many families must have stayed behind to enjoy all that Sentosa has to offer. 🙂 Some came all dressed up. I recognize this mother-and-daughter pair from the previous Hello Kitty Run.

My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

Before the 6km race began, we also got to take photos of a mascot – Twilight Sparkle.

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Mascot

Like the Hello Kitty races, I think the runner entitlements are pretty awesome. I LOVE the plushies! They even come with these colored clip-ons which I saw some runners pinning to their own hair. And the lanyard, towels, and other merchandise are too pretty!

My Little Pony Plushies

Here’s a look at the medal:

My Little Pony Friendship Run Medal

It’s my 8th medal so far, since I started taking part in races a few years’ back.

I’m so glad he agreed to join me for the 6km Bestie Run today. 🙂 Runners had to cross the Finish line while holding hands. 🙂 Because he ran faster than I did, he gave me the encouragement I needed. When he said that it’s almost the 35 minute mark, I glanced at the timer (it read 34: 27) and I sprinted all the way for the last 50 metres or so. I think we made it before the 35-minute mark. But I’ll await the race timing results to confirm this. Hehe! 🙂

I didn’t actually train for this 6km race, so it was really exhausting, especially when we had to run up the slope (like, twice). I’m actually pretty happy if we completed the race under 35 minutes. So it’s now one down, and a few more races to go!~


4 thoughts on “My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016: A Stunning Success!

    • Eh. Although I may look a little athletic (that’s what many people commented when I was in my younger days aka slimmer days) due to my dark skin tone, I am in fact not at all good in any sports. I always fail my 2.4km run. I can do a 100m window shopping in under 15mins.

    • Ahahaha! Give yourself more credit 🙂 Actually running just takes practice. Once your muscles get used to the distance, it actually becomes ‘easier’. But must train lah, if not the next day sure aches + pains.

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