Zakka Modern Thai at Waterway Point: Second Visit As Good As The First!

I’ve previously blogged about Zakka Modern Thai at Waterway Point, and today I went back there again for dinner with my family. It was an unannounced visit, so it was great for checking if the food is as good today as it was during the hosted lunch on my previous visit. 🙂

Thankfully, the meal was awesome! My mom even gave Zakka her stamp of approval by saying that it’s one restaurant she wants to visit again. So thumbs up to the folks at Zakka!

In fact, yesterday I was contemplating something I’ll call ‘The Curse Of The Second Visit’. I revisited a restaurant (won’t say which one) and the experience was so different compared to the first visit. The food did not taste as good as I had remembered, and the service standards had fallen drastically – while wait staff kept popping by to check on us previously, on this second visit, we had to struggle to get their attention (we’d probably have to do some tabletop dancing just to have them notice us at first wave). OMG. I think it was the lack of a professional-looking camera on the second visit that caused them to overlook us. 😛

At Zakka today, we were SHOCKED when the Tom Yum Hor Fun (S$12.80) was served. It was a HUGE platter that could easily feed 2 to 3 ladies. (Check out the second photo)

Zakka Tom Yum Hor Fun

I positioned the plate such that my mom and sis could eat from either end (see how huge the platter is now?). It’s really good value for money, with a generous amount of seafood and a tasty tom yum gravy that really whets the appetite. Go try it!

Zakka Modern Thai Tom Yum Hor Fun

As mentioned in my review the first time, their Salmon Otah (S$9.80) is yummy. So I ordered it again. Cut it open and you’ll even see chunks of salmon inside. A definite MUST-ORDER.

Zakka Salmon Otah

The Seafood Tom Yum Soup (S$12.80) now comes with even more seafood and mushrooms inside ( I think it’s a good improvement ) I did indicate to the wait staff that I wanted the tom yum soup to be less spicy, and it was. 🙂

Zakka Seafood Tom Yum Soup

This time round I also tried their Dark Soya Tofu (S$10.80), that comes with sauteed vegetables and rice. The sauce is sweet and salty at the same time – a very interesting combination. And oh, there’s a little serving of achar too.

Zakka Dark Soya Tofu

Dessert was once again the HIGHLIGHT! Their Red Ruby (S$6.80) had coconut and jackfruit on top. So delicious and refreshing. And I’m not even a Red Ruby fan to begin with. I’d wanted to order the Mango Sticky Rice but we were feeling so full already. Next time! 🙂

Zakka Modern Thai Red Ruby

So right now, I can confidently recommend that you should visit Zakka Modern Thai at #01-29 Waterway Point (East Wing). Also, they serve free iced water here! I’m so sick of restaurants and cafes charging for water, so yup, I like Zakka very much.


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