ASUS Zenfone Max: Use This Phone To Charge Other Phones’ Batteries!

ZenFone Max

I truly got a shock at the ASUS event yesterday when it was revealed that the ASUS Zenfone Max has awesome battery life (38 days standby time because of its 5000mAh battery!!!) AND… wait for this… can act as a battery pack for other phones! OMG! Is this not what we have been waiting for? A phone that has such out-of-this-world battery life that we don’t have to keep the phone constantly plugged to a charger. And the bonus is that it can even double up as a battery pack to charge other phones.

Imagine telling your pal this: “Huh? Your phone ran out of battery again? Aiyah, here, take mine and charge your phone with it!” 😉 #WIN

And it’s not expensive too. Just S$249, and it comes with 16GB storage.

It also has *some* of the features that the ASUS Zenfone Zoom has, such as the 0.03s laser auto-focus…

Zenfone Max

Well, what can I say, March 10th is the date to mark on your calendar. In a week’s time, you can either get the too-chio-for-words Zenfone Zoom OR this too-cool-for-school Zenfone Max which will be the lifesaver for your friends with dying phone batteries.

No wonder Mr Benson Lin, ASUS’ Corporate Vice President, was so confident and happy to share that ASUS has clinched the #3 spot here, behind the two popular cellphone brands *wink wink*. While ASUS might not have the sexy brand allure that the other two brands have, it has features which the discerning consumer might find very, very appealing.

Zenfone Singapore