Zenfone Zoom: Special Features You’ll Love

ZenFone Zoom White Front and Back

I’m a fan of ASUS’ phones because I think the cameras are pretty good. I can easily snap a photo and use it as my blog or Facebook Page banner because the colors and the resolution are great. The ASUS Zenfone Zoom comes in two colors – white and black. And it also comes with a wrist strap to help prevent your phone from hitting the ground if it happens to slip out of your hand. So thoughtful, right?

Zenfone Zoom

And the phone has a few cool features other phones may not have (yet). To wake your phone and have it launch the camera, just use a finger and trace a ‘C’ on the screen and voila… the camera is fired up. Want to go to your email? Just do the same and write ‘e’ instead. For some ASUS phones, an ‘S’ will fire up the camera’s selfie mode. AMAZING! I tested it on my Zenfone 2 and it works as well!!! *much love*

I like that the Zenfone Zoom has 3X optical zoom (great for snapping photos of lecture or presentation slides even if you’re sitting at the back of the room), 10-element HOYA lens (which the iPhone can’t seem to beat yet), 0.03s Laser Auto-Focus (great for snapping pictures even in a moving vehicle), Gorilla Glass, and a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

I think the phone does really well when it comes to shots taken outdoors as well. There’s really no need to bring a DSLR with me anymore. Here are some unedited pictures from a recent archery “lesson”:


You can still see that arrow quivering a little:

Arrow hits apple

When you are outdoors and you want to (quickly) snap a photo, it is very helpful to have a phone in which you can just ‘write’ a C on the screen and the phone ‘wakes up’ and launches camera mode instantly. It’s even more helpful when there’s no need to tinker with various manual settings. I love cameras which can take decent point-and-shoot type of photos! And it’s pretty affordable too!

The recommended retail price of the ASUS Zenfone Zoom is S$659 but you can get the phone for just S$99 with a 2-year 4G 4 plan from StarHub. Oh, this phone is EXCLUSIVE to StarHub so you cannot get it from any other telco. *wink*

Here’s a video from StarHub regarding a user’s unboxing of the Zenfone Zoom: