5 Interesting Internships You Probably Never Knew Existed

At the NATAS fair, a friend introduced me to an intern who works for a travel portal. And whenever people use the term “just”, e.g. “I’m just an intern”, I tend to reassure them that their job is very important actually. In fact, I think that interns are overworked but underpaid workers. I’ve seen so many job ads out to recruit “interns” but the job description appears to be very similar to regular job ads for full-time staff. Why do some companies view interns as cheap labor when as workers, they are probably the youngest, most creative, and most in touch with what’s trendy right now?

It has been said that 80% of current jobs may no longer exist in 5 – 10 years’ time. If that’s the case, I’d highly recommend that students who are looking for a Singapore internship pay less attention to the salary offered, and place more emphasis on two things: (1) how much fun the job will be (My motto is ‘If it’s not fun, don’t do it) and (2) the skills that will be useful for the upcoming decades. As such, internships that involve customer service or administrative work will not fulfill these criteria for me. So it’s a clear no-no for me. If you like admin work, by all means go ahead and apply, ok? 🙂

Here are 5 internships which would be highly interesting to me if I’m currently a student:

(1) Social Media Marketer Intern at Expressions

Social Media Marketer Intern

I think this ad sounds pretty good just because of this statement “Even as an intern, we don’t just want to put you through monotonous admin work”. Bam! Sold! This company likely knows what I want! 😀 And if you join them, you will (supposedly) also get to liaise with top bloggers, actors and actresses. AND you get to “participate in U Tubers commercials”. LOL. “U tubers”.

As another plus, there’s free sampling of products too. *wink* For more Internship Singapore offers, you can check out stroff.com.

(2) Fashion & Beauty Video Editor Intern at LOOKS STUDIO

Fashion Beauty Video Editor Intern

I like beautiful things and beautiful people, and what better job than to make them look gorgeous in a video? 🙂

(3) Public Relations Intern at Carousell

Public Relations Intern

Carousell’s really popular right now as a platform for people to buy and sell items. I think most young people are familiar with Carousell and would jump at an opportunity to work with the company.

Also, I think it is terribly important to know how to craft media pitches. Even if an intern decides to create his own startup later on, this knowledge / skill will come in handy for sure.

(4) Casting Intern at Shiny Happy People Pte Ltd

Casting Intern

I like the idea of street scouting and bringing in talents for audition. Desk-bound jobs tend to bore me. So meeting new, interesting people sounds great! Even better if they are shiny, happy people. 🙂

(5) Flavors Research & Development Intern at International Flavors & Fragrances (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Flavors Research and Development Intern

I’d love knowing what goes into soft drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. In fact, I took a module in NUS about perfumes and cosmetics, and I’ve even gone to Singapore Polytechnic to make my own perfume. 🙂 So this is one cool job.


These screenshots of internship job ads are from stroff.com. If you are looking for a job (freelance, full time, part time) or an internship, that’s one portal to start your job search from. 🙂