Mediacorp’s Celebrity Sports Day

Celebrity Sports Day

I went to the OCBC Arena yesterday to attend Mediacorp’s Celebrity Sports Day and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The sports day started off with a bang, with the basketball game which featured Mr Unbelievable, Chen Tianwen. The scoreboard had the names of the players in each team for basketball; for everyone else, it was their real names, but for Chen, it was his moniker ‘Unbelievable’. The Most Valuable Player for the blue team wasn’t Unbelievable though. It was Chase Tan who, for most of the game, was the one who scored all the points for his team. I watched Mr Unbelievable attempt to score during 4 free throws, but he missed them all. Yao Wenlong managed to score 2 three-pointers though, which was as amazing as it was unexpected. Zhang Zhenhuan and Shane Pow helped the red team sail to the win. The final score for the basketball match? 38 v 26.

Then there was the all-ladies 400m race, which involved running 4 rounds within the OCBC Arena. Travelogue host Belinda Lee fell during her race – I think the flooring is just really slippery… and perhaps her choice of footwear played a part too. Sonia Chew won the 400m race with an impressive timing of 1 minute 29 seconds. Fellow DJ Jamie Yeo came in second. For the men’s 100m race, Chase Tan won gold with a record 15 seconds, beating Romeo Tan by just 1 second! Before this event, I’d no idea who Chase was, but after checking out his Instagram and Facebook pages, I realized he actually plays basketball professionally. No wonder he was MVP at the Celebrity Sports Day lah! I actually asked my pal if Chase has a fan club – this one can join ah! 😀

Captain’s Ball was yet another exciting match. The two teams were neck-to-neck, and eventually went into an ‘extra time’ round for 2 minutes. The score was tied yet again, and finally in ‘golden goal’ time, the blue team with Hong Huifang won the match! Well played indeed. The teams also came round to thank the fans, which was a gesture I think we all appreciated. For most of the event though, the celebrities faced the stands on the opposite side (which was not entirely filled) while the fans (where I was seated) filled most of the seats on our side. I would have thought the celebrities should have faced US instead. But I guess it looks better for the camera; to have us all ‘behind’ them. 🙂

Mediacorp Celebrity Sports Day

There was also a 4 x 100m relay, in which radio DJs again demonstrated their athletic prowess. Simone Heng amazed us all with how fast she ran. 😀

The event ended after the three-legged race (in which Caldecott queen Zoe Tay replaced Belinda Lee) and the tug-of-war in which Hong Huifang’s blue team beat hubby Zheng Geping’s red team. I’d have put my money on the red team winning, ‘cos of the obvious edge (muscle men and all, under chief Tay Ping Hui’s leadership). Thankfully no money was involved. HENG AH! LOL!

All in all, it was a (near) nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping Sports Day, in which fans cheered as hard as their celebrity idols played. I think it was well worth the S$10 ticket price, and especially since the funds raised go to NTUC Income’s OrangeAid program which helps children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds. The next time this event is organized again, I’ll be sure to attend. It’s well worth the time and money. 🙂