Inflatable Underwater World Display @ West Coast Plaza

Balloon Mermaid

Is it purely a coincidence or what? There was the Fairytale Garden Balloon Exhibition at Marina Square and also the Inflatable Underwater World Display at West Coast Plaza last weekend! A case of ‘great minds think alike’? Anyway, both balloon exhibitions ended yesterday. I guess balloons get deflated pretty quickly, and it’s too much of a hassle getting the public to keep their hands off the fragile balloons. 😀 I think kids these days are really wayyyy more fortunate than kids in my time. There are all these wonderful exhibitions to enjoy, and best of all, parents can just use their handphones to snap pictures and record videos of these beautiful moments.

I found Nemo:

Balloon Nemo

He looks like a cross between a clownfish and a flowerhorn cichlid (or luohan fish) with that protruding forehead. 😀 And I thought I saw some teenage mutant ninja turtles too:

Underwater World Balloon Exhibition

Underwater World

West Coast Plaza

Would You Encourage Your Child’s Dreams To Be A Balloon Artist / Sculptor ? 

Both parents and children alike LOVED the balloon sculptures at Marina Square and at West Coast Plaza. In fact, I even spotted Celebrity DJ Jamie Yeo and her daughter at Marina Square yesterday, taking part in the balloon sculpting workshop. (Jamie was sitting in the audience instead of emceeing, for once) 😀 And I wondered…

If those kids demonstrate a passion for balloon sculpting, and aspire to be balloon artists, would their parents support them or shut down their dreams?

After all, it IS a legitimate career choice, and best of all, it brings joy to people – both the young and the young-at-heart. I guess the main factor that would make parents frown on their kid’s career choice would be the $$$ factor. There’s possibly not much money to be made unless you are an award-winning balloon sculptor who gets commissioned to put together these large-scale exhibitions. Even then, it will not be a solo effort. Many artists have to work side-by-side. It would be too taxing for just one individual to accomplish.

Of course, I think there are those who make a living by performing at kids’ birthday parties and other events. But competition is fierce in that space too. Go search for ‘balloon artist Singapore’ on Google and you’ll find quite a number of ads (I counted 7 of them).

 If you’re a parent, my question to you is: Will you encourage your child’s dreams to be a balloon sculptor? Assuming nothing delights your kid more than crafting balloon sculptures that bring joy to people and which enliven and beautify any space? 😀