RUN 350: Free Snacks, Free Insurance And Free Foot Scan :D

RUN 350 Race Pack Collection

RUN 350’s race pack collection has to be one of the best I’ve encountered so far. πŸ™‚ When I popped by on Friday, there was no queue at all as the staff were really very efficient in processing all documents and handing out the race packs. And the fringe activities can be summed up as being every freebie-loving Singaporean’s dream come true. Haha! πŸ˜€

I guess everyone wanted to win the fitness tracker (worth S$198), but only 2 were given out each day and they were all fully redeemed by the time I got onto the bike. You can choose to pedal using your feet (left) or hands (right) and generate enough electricity to make the bulbs light up and the wheel spin. Such fun! We should have bicycles at home which we can cycle to power up our TVs, washing machines, fans, etc! Wouldn’t that be absolutely brilliant?

RUN 350 games

After some (quick) pedaling, we won granola bars, cashew nuts and coconut water *yay*

RUN 350 freebies

And we also received 1-month free personal accident insurance *no cycling required*

RUN 350 free insurance

I’m not sure why the NTUC agents were wearing shirts which stated ‘READY FOR BATTLE’ on the back, but erm… I’m happy there’s free 1-month insurance to cover any accidents during the race period! πŸ˜€

And there was a long and slow-moving queue for the free foot scan. I didn’t queue for this because it seemed like it’d take forever.

Nice Nike shoes and socks though:

RUN 350 Free Foot Scan

At another booth, I got to know more about my carbon footprint, and what contributes to the total score (things like travel, meat consumption, transport mode, etc), and that my carbon footprint is below Singapore’s national average BUT way above the world’s average. Like, how can that be possible? I don’t even have air-conditioning at home! And no car! And I’ve been cutting down on plastic bag usage! Conclusion: I need to do more.

My Carbon Footprint

Participants were also invited to make a pledge… Mine’s about using fewer plastic bags. One way I do this is by avoiding double-bagging. And when I buy fruits at NTUC Fairprice, I just place the fruit (those with skin I don’t eat, e.g. avocados) directly into the shopping basket instead of putting them into a transparent plastic bag first. And whenever possible, I bring my own recyclable bags, and save 10 cents in the process. πŸ˜€

350 Singapore

RUN 350 must be Singapore’s most eco-friendly race – we are even encouraged to recycle our medals. It’s something that, admittedly, I’m having trouble doing, because I really worked very hard in order to get every single medal I now own. Maybe, just maybe, when I stop running one day, I’ll send all my medals for recycling. For now, it’s part of my small medal collection. If you have a lot of medals at home and they’re not adding joy to your life and are simply collecting dust, why not consider bringing them down to Marina Square today and giving them a new lease of life via recycling? πŸ™‚

RUN 350 Recycle Medals

And oh! RUN 350 participants can also claim NTUC Fairprice vouchers if their utility usage is below the national average! πŸ˜€ My household utility bills are paid by my folks at home so I don’t think I qualify for this.

And frankly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the race route. Who knew that a half marathon would involve such a LONG distance. *sweat* Oh dear… have to go train now! πŸ˜€

RUN 350 Route Map