Descendants Of The Sun: Episode 13

Descendants Of The Sun Episode 13

[ Photo from Descendants Of The Sun Facebook Page ]

Episode 13 will leave you dying to know what will happen in episode 14 of Descendants Of The Sun. Here’s my synopsis of episode 13:

The medical team is back at work in Korea, and they are welcomed by the Director who even has a bouquet for Dr Kang. He apologizes for his behavior at the hotel but she hands him her resignation letter instead. Unfortunately, her application for the bank loan is not approved once she resigns, so she has to eat humble pie and ask for her resignation letter back. He assigns her the night duty in the ER. There’s a funny scene in which the soldiers are all using face masks to pamper their skin before they head back to Korea. Seo applies for a discharge from the military, and he and Big Boss go for a binge-drinking session. Dr Kang joins them and ends up drunk too. Big Boss sends her home and gets to meet her mother. Big Boss and Dr Kang are dining at Subway when he receives a call and has to go to the “department store” (i.e. dangerous mission). Apparently North and South Korea are having a series of talks. Big Boss meets the same North Korean soldier that he fought with (and was wounded by) in episode 1. Another funny scene when the hospital’s Director and his assistant enter the same lift that Big Boss is in. Big Boss gives Dr Kang a present – a necklace he bought for her. It is revealed that Seo’s phone has only pictures of the license plates of cabs that he had called to send Myeong Ju home in the past. Shortly after, they break up because Seo thinks the Commander is allowing them to date only because Myeong Ju had pleaded with her father when she was very sick. The episode ends with two ambulances arriving at the hospital. One has the North Korean soldier, and the other has a critically injured Big Boss.

*Man! What a cliffhanger!*

Kudos to the writer(s) of the drama series, and the director, for a wonderful 13 episodes thus far. Fans all over the world are now hoping the Captain survives. And we won’t find out till tonight (or tomorrow). Gah!

Besides the obviously very good-looking lead actor and actress, I think the success of this kdrama is also due to the stellar acting from all the supporting cast. Whether it be the villain Captain Argus, the diamond-swallowing Jin Young Su, the cute couple Nurse Ha and Doctor Song, or the adorable Dr Chi Hoon. All of them are pretty incredible. πŸ™‚ Now… to await the release of episode 14. Bless the souls of those who provide us English subtitles for each episode or we’ll really all have to learn Korean, just like Capt Argus said he wanted to. Haha!

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