Descendants Of The Sun Episode 14: Big Boss Is Alive! Phew!

Descendants Of The Sun Episode 14

[ Photo from Descendants Of The Sun facebook page ]

You’ll find the synopsis for episode 14 of Descendants Of The Sun below (please don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers. Hehe) In this episode, we can all finally heave a big sigh of relief that the Captain is alive and well, and the funny scenes are truly hilarious. In episode 13 of Descendants Of The Sun, we were left wondering what the hell happened, and as it turned out, Big Boss was quickly revived and could walk about quite freely despite having been severely wounded and on the brink of death just a few seconds ago.

~ Episode 14 Synopsis ~

Senior Lieutenant Anh Jung Joon from North Korea comes looking for Big Boss, saying he wants to be sent back to North Korea. He claims that he doesn’t trust his own men. Anh ends up getting shot by masked men in a vehicle speeding by. Seo and Big Boss try to stop the vehicle and Big Boss is seriously wounded. At the hospital, Dr Kang manages to revive Big Boss, who had a cardiac arrest. Anh takes Nurse Ha hostage because he refuses treatment. Big Boss wants Dr Kang to operate on Anh. Dr Kang finds a microchip in Anh’s arm. Looking through Anh’s belongings, Dr Song almost licked Anh’s “pen”. Seo tells him it is actually a poisoned syringe. Apparently, Anh had murdered his comrade who had been hired as a hitman by the yakuza / mafia. He had wanted to eliminate traitors. Anh fails to kill Commander Choe, who is quite happy to let the North-South talks fail because he doesn’t care much about separated families. Anh’s microchip apparently has the evidence of Commander Choe’s profiting of a lot of money via betraying his own men. Anh is shot by a sniper, who turns out to be Big Boss. There is a funny scene in which Seo pretends to be gay, and when Dr Kang comes into the ward and they have to pretend that Big Boss was obediently in bed the entire time. Dr Kang and Big Boss manage to watch the movie that they failed to watch multiple times before. They fall asleep together on the same bed.

~ Thoughts ~

*Not sure why Big Boss wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest when he was shot.

*”I hope reunification will happen soon” is uttered during a conversation between Chi Hoon’s wife and the doctor in the wheelchair. Is this what all South Korean folk think?

*”Do you think politics can work with morality?” Politics gets in the way of families being together. Haiz. This is probably something us Singaporeans will never be able to understand. But my heart goes out to the families which cannot meet and cannot be together because of this North-South divide.

*It appears that Big Boss can fire a gun using either hand – right hand injured? No problem, I’ll fire a gun with my left hand. 😛


The writers and the director are BRUTAL, really. In episode 13, we were made to think that Big Boss got killed. In episode 14, he is revived. In the preview for episode 15, it seems that Big Boss went on yet another dangerous mission, and this time round, no ambulance arrives, but one member of Alpha Team (is it Snoopy?) comes to talk to Dr Kang, with seemingly bad news regarding Big Boss. Haiz. Why are they torturing us like this? This one week before the next episode airs will feel like a year. 😦