MOF Danro at Bugis Junction

MOF Danro Bugis Junction

[ As I shared on Instagram today ]

There’s something about those advertisement panels near escalators. When you’re in a mall and trying to decide what to eat, those ads really do help you make your decision. 😀 Had good vibes about meeting my blogging student and helping him out with an interview podcast, so I thought a good Japanese meal should be the ‘icing on the cake’.

Popped by Ministry Of Food’s MOF Danro and picked their Jewel Sashimi Juu (S$29.80). On weekdays, you get freebies when you head to MOF for lunch. You’ll get free iced lemon tea, a small salad and ice cream! 🙂

With regard to the freebies, let’s just say that your expectations shouldn’t be too high, because they come ‘free’ after all. The iced lemon tea was a little bit diluted (not what I’m used to), the salad basically had lettuce leaves, sweet corn and mayonnaise, but the vanilla ice cream really rocked!

As for the Jewel Sashimi Juu in the picture you see above, well, I have no complaints whatsoever. It is as delicious as it looks.

I liked the meal so much that I even bothered with filling out the feedback form and returning it to the staff. I loved that the straw for my drink came in its individual wrapping (so hygienic), there’s a tissue box at each table (so thoughtful) and I liked that there’s free stuff to complete my meal. LOL. Service was a little slow, and I even had to wait SO LONG for my ice cream that I was almost late for my appointment thereafter. Thankfully, it all worked out well in the end.

So, if you’re in Bugis Junction and have no idea what to have for lunch on a weekday, let’s just say that I highly recommend you pop by MOF Danro at #02-45. 6.Tel: 6338 6466