Descendants Of The Sun Episode 15

Descendants Of The Sun Episode 15

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This is probably the most brutal episode in Descendants Of The Sun . First you’ll cry your eyes out, then you’ll realize at the end of the episode that you cried for nothing. Argh. I wish the producers of this drama would stop that he’s-dead-oops-no-he’s-not-hey-he’s-dead kind of storytelling. Just keep the character alive or kill him off completely ok? It’s not funny. 😛 Haiz. I hope they get married in the final episode. 😀

Episode 15 Synopsis:

Big Boss is listening to Dr Kang’s will again via headphones, and he’s seated in a hospital wheelchair. When Dr Kang finds out what he’s listening to, she (accidentally) lets go of the wheelchair, which rolls down a slope, and ‘crashes’ at the end. 😀 Seo asks Myeong Ju out for a meal because she looks too thin. Both want to be the one to leave the army. Big Boss appears at Dr Kang’s home with beer, places candles everywhere so she’ll look pretty from every angle, and she later realizes he used the final card from Pres. Mubarat on the helicopter to save her from Argus. Gi Beom sits for his qualification exam. The whole Alpha Team shows up to support him. The team then goes on a combined operations mission for 3 months. The Commander tears up Seo’s application for discharge from the army; tells him to come back safely. Seo leaves his ‘dog tag’ at Myeong Ju’s door. Big Boss bids Dr Kang farewell and tells her that he’ll be off the grid. Even so, she sends him message after message just to talk about her day. While waiting for another chopper, Big Boss is shot from the back. Seo is shot too. Then a missile(?) causes an explosion. Alpha Team’s remaining 3 members report back to say that the bodies weren’t found. Big Boss’ dad collects his dog tag and is devastated. Dr Kang reads the will Big Boss left; Myeong Ju refuses to read the one from Seo. The army will announce that the duo were killed in a car accident during training; want Dr Kang to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Eun Ji pesters Dr Kang about switching to more expensive medication so her uncle can profit from the purchase. Myeong Ju returns to Urk while Dr Kang goes to the Albanian refugee camp; she continues to send messages to Big Boss. Daniel protests at the airport regarding patents for necessary vaccines. At the end of the episode, Big Boss reappears, looking a little worse for wear.


I have a message for the producers: stop toying with my heart! Oh man. Actually this time it was pretty expected. Since no bodies were found, viewers had reason to believe that the duo would survive. Hehe! So I guess we’ll find out in the next episode whether Seo lives as well.

More than love stories, I think the drama really drives home the message that more needs to be done in the medical field. Medicines are not being produced because there are patents involved. And those who need the medicines or vaccines most cannot get access to them because they are unavailable or priced out of reach. Even for the wealthy, there are medical professionals / businessmen who want to raise prices so they can earn (much) more. Remember the real-life example of the man who wanted to raise the price of HIV treatment drugs by 5000%? ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ isn’t kidding. There really are people who are like that. Hopefully, Karma gets them all in the end.

I wonder what’s left for episode 16. Will Big Boss and Dr Kang get married? Will Seo survive and get back together with Myeong Ju again? The lucky folks in Korea will find out tonight, while the rest of us will do so tomorrow. 😀