Descendants Of The Sun Episode 16 Part 1

Descendants Of The Sun episode 16

[ Picture from Descendants Of The Sun facebook page ]

Descendants Of The Sun is the only drama that I’ll watch even when there are no English subtitles and I cannot understand the language the actors are using. LOL! I watched episode 16 yesterday evening via YouTube where one kind soul was streaming it ‘live’. So I kind of followed the show and know how it ends. But nothing beats having English subtitles. 🙂 Only done with half of ep 16 at the moment as I need to rush off to work but I’m including the synopsis for the first half of ep 16 below…

Episode 16 Synopsis (Part One) 

Dr Kang is at a loss – she cannot quite handle the reappearance of Big Boss. She alternates from pushing him away and weeping (“I don’t need you. I’m gonna be a nun”) and telling him she missed and loves him. It snows for the first time in 100 years in Urk, and Seo walks towards Myeong Ju in the snow. His arm is in a sling, and he tells her that he never wants to be separated from her again. They kiss. Ki Beom is not a Platoon Sergeant and even he weeps when he sees Seo. Myeong Ju returns Seo’s dog tags to him, and even helps him shave his face. It turns out that Big Boss and Seo were captured by the militia who locked them up in a prison cell for some 150 or 155 days. They were rescued by the North Korean Special Forces solder, Anh, whom Big Boss had helped previously. Dr Kang has fruit prepared for Big Boss’s (supposed) death anniversary memorial. And the fact that he reappears on this day gets her worried; she asks a passing medical officer whether he can see Big Boss. He replies in the affirmative. Then she receives a video call from her colleagues at the hospital in Korea. They see Big Boss eating the fruit at the ‘altar’ right behind Dr Kang and they get a fright, thinking they’ve seen Big Boss’ ghost back on his death anniversary. Dr Song hilariously falls off his seat, and stays on the ground. Seo and Big Boss are tasked to write reports “as thick as school textbooks” upon their return. As can be expected, Big Boss leaves this task to Seo, whom he once called the “Tolstoy” when it comes to writing reports. 😀


I’ll put together Part 2 of the synopsis for episode 16 later. Stay tuned! 🙂 Can’t believe I’m typing this in the back of a taxi, and the song that is being played right now over the radio is from this show too (“… you are my everything…”) 😀 😀

*Update* Read Part Two here.