Descendants Of The Sun Episode 16 Part 2

Descendants Of The Sun ep 16

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*Update* I decided to include the remaining bits at the end of this post instead of crafting a ‘Part 3’. 😀

Truly busy day today. Such that I am not done watching Descendants Of The Sun episode 16 yet. But here’s Part Two of the synopsis for this episode, which I’m uploading while on the move. LOL. I hope I get to complete watching the episode and uploading the rest of the ep synopsis tonight! 🙂

Episode 16 Synopsis (Part Two) 

Dr Kang and Big Boss go fishing (remember the time he went alone? :D), they catch a fish and camp overnight. Later, he tells her that he’s going on a mission – something about “escorting a VIP”. It turns out that the VIPs are actually the girl group Red Velvet who put on a performance for the Special Forces. Big Boss waves a placard, Seo dances while holding a balloon, and the whole thing is recorded and televised(?) Dr Kang is furious, and she goes on TV and announces that she doesn’t have a boyfriend in what is surely a tit-for-tat measure. Big Boss is promoted – he becomes a Squadron Leader – while Dr Kang is the “most famous doctor in the hospital” (She walks into a seminar room asking “Do you all know who I am?” And this is kind of funny, especially with what happened to a Singaporean actress recently) Myeong Ju and Seo meet the Commander; Seo says he can’t leave the army. The Commander gives them both his blessings. Fatima sends Dr Kang a Christmas card, and meanwhile Dr Chi Hoon gets a video from the “Blackey” kid, and they fail once again to find out the kid’s real name. After Chi Hoon is done using Dr Song’s laptop, Nurse Ha takes over and finds the secret folder. Inside are her pictures from her teenage years to when she is in her thirties. Dr Song confesses his love, and the two will likely end up together after Nurse Ha is done repaying all the money she has loaned from him. Dr Kang names her car ‘Big Boss’ and at the car wash, she ends up spraying the real Big Boss with water accidentally. During a meal at the canteen, Myeong Ju and Seo end up kissing amongst all the soldiers. Dr Daniel and Ye Hwa are getting married in Vancouver, Canada, and have sent invites and plane tickets over. Dr Kang and Big Boss return to the beach with the shipwreck, and there’s (of course) more kissing. At Dr Daniel’s wedding reception, it appears that Seo has caught the bridal bouquet and he kept staring at it thereafter. (LOL) Just as Dr Chi Hoon is announcing that the show has come to an end, someone runs in to say hysterically that a volcano has just erupted. (In Canada?!) So the show comes to an end with everyone getting ready for some action – Myeong Ju rubs off her lipstick, Nurse Ha pins up her hair, Dr Kang prepares to ruin her heels again, etc.


There will be 3 more special episodes after this, so don’t get too upset that this is the end of the kdrama. 🙂