Pompompurin Cafe @ Orchard Central – Cute Food, Decent Taste

pompompurin cafe chicken curry

It’s the Pompompurin Cafe’s Opening Day today, and I popped by to check out this new cafe that is located at Orchard Central. I think it will certainly help draw the crowds to the mall. If you don’t already know, Pompompurin is a Sanrio character that is supposed to be a golden retriever. Ha!

In the picture above, you see the ‘Pompompurin Coconut Milk Chicken Curry’ (S$17.99). It’s the typical Japanese curry that is not at all spicy, and it looks so attractive that I think kids will LOVE it!

There was already a queue before 11am, and the line only got longer and longer during lunchtime. Customers were made to wait even though there were unoccupied tables within the cafe, so as to let the kitchen staff slowly get into the groove.

pompompurin cafe orchard central

Once you enter the cafe, you won’t be complaining as the staff are very courteous and the decor is pretty neat. You might even have Pompompurin seated across from you:

pompompurin cafe

And you’ll definitely want to get a photo taken with Pompompurin and friends right in the middle of the cafe:

Pompompurin cafe

For similar themed cafes, the food is usually bordering-on-awful, however, I enjoyed the meal today at Pompompurin Cafe! 🙂 I had the Taco Rice In A Cup Of Frienship (S$19.99) and found it to be slightly spicy and really quite tasty. It even comes with nachos. LOL.

Pompompurin Cafe Taco Rice

We ordered the Mango Soda (S$11.99) to share…

Pompompurin Cafe Mango Soda

*Check out that super cute coaster! 😀 I bet many people will take them home! 😀

And here’s the placemat. Plus, the cafe serves free iced / warm water! 🙂

pompompurin cafe placemats

For dessert, we had the ‘Bagel’s Special Pancake Tower’ (S$21.99) which comes with a free mug. You can get a brand new mug at the cashier upon payment. *And no, the mugs are not for sale. You can only get one when you purchase selected menu items which come with free mugs. 😉

pompompurin cafe pancake tower

I was quite surprised that a new cafe would be charging GST, because my impression is that only businesses that have an annual turnover of over S$1 million would be charging GST. I suppose this cafe is owned by a parent company that has other businesses in Singapore.

This meal which consisted of 2 mains, 1 drink and 1 dessert, after tax, cost S$84.70. Quite pricey, I’d say. But good for a date with a loved one. You’ll also get your money’s worth with all the pictures you are going to take here.

Pompompurin Cafe is located at #04-08 Orchard Central. Tel: 6509 8672.