Social Square at Waterway Point

Social Square Waterway Point

I was at Waterway Point today for their Grand Opening celebrations, and decided to have lunch at Social Square for two reasons. One: I had such an awesome experience at their sister company ‘MOF Danro‘ at Bugis Junction earlier this month, and two, I like that Social Square has the same lunch promotions which include a free drink, free salad, and free dessert. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end.

The Jewel Sashimi Juu that you see in the picture above was served with the sashimi components placed haphazardly. It did not look very appetizing to me, even though the taste was good. Even the soft serve ice cream looked prettier than the main. (>_<)

Compare this with the same item – Jewel Sashimi Juu – that I had at MOF Danro:

MOF Danro Bugis Junction

The one served at MOF Danro was GORGEOUS. To MOF: please look into your QC standards across outlets. 🙂 The Jewel Sashimi Juu served at Waterway Point today was rather disappointing. And no, the outlet wasn’t busy when I visited today. It was rather deserted. Most of the people were queuing for free movie tickets given out by the mall. LOL. The beautiful sashimi juu I had at Bugis was during peak lunch hour when the restaurant was pretty full. So I really cannot tell what’s happening here.

I guess it all boils down to whether or not your employees take pride in their work. Quite simply, I did not see that commitment to excellence today. Pity. Social Square is so near to my home. Haiz.


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