Waterway Point’s Grand Opening… Again?

Was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning when I saw something which got me rather surprised. Waterway Point is giving out 500 pairs of movie tickets today, as part of their Official Opening celebrations. Thing is… didn’t the mall have its Opening Day in January, some 3+ months ago? How erm… strange. Anyway, since there are free movie tickets up for grabs, I decided to walk over and get some. LOL.

Tah-dah… after queuing for perhaps, 30 minutes? 😀 XD

Waterway Point Grand Opening free movie tickets

The queue was really long. But since the mall had generously arranged for 500 pairs of tickets to be given away, I think just about everyone who wanted a ticket managed to get it. 🙂

Waterway Point free movie tickets queue

Elsewhere within the mall, there were also food samples being distributed. I joined the (very short) queue for free coffee just to get a taste of what this “Traditional Hainan Coffee” is all about.

Waterway Point Koufu free coffee

It tastes pretty good actually. Wished my coffee-loving BF was there with me. He’d be over-the-moon at receiving a free cup of good coffee. Haha!

Waterway Point coffee

By the way, it’s not the first time that Waterway Point is giving out free movie tickets. It has been done before. But I didn’t manage to get any in January, as they had all been given out by the time I got to the venue. For today’s giveaway, I think it might not have been widely publicized. You’ll have to be a fan of their facebook page to be in the know. *hint hint*