Descendants Of The Sun: Special Episode 1

Descendants Of The Sun Special Episode 1

[ Picture from Descendants Of The Sun facebook page ]

Just when you thought Descendants Of The Sun is over, there are three special episodes. Special episode #1 is not as exciting as we would have expected. I know some fans are hoping for a wedding (not between Dr Daniel and Ye Hwa, but between the two leads). Alas! It’s purely a compilation of the ‘best and most heartfelt scenes’ in this kdrama, as one netizen put it.

Here’s what you’ll watch if you view Special Episode #1:

  • Uruk airport chinook helicopter scene
  • Big Boss flipping handphone out of Dr Kang’s hand (#1)
  • Dr Kang treats his wound
  • Their first date when he flies off in a helicopter
  • He picks her up from work (before the hair-washing scene)
  • Movie
  • Meeting after her TV appearance, and ‘breaking up’
  • Sending volunteers to Urk
  • The chinook helicopter scene again
  • He ignores her
  • Candles and being backlit (#1)
  • Apology for his minefield joke
  • Beach
  • President Mubarat’s emergency surgery
  • Disciplinary action
  • Wine + kiss
  • Her car goes off the cliff + she records her ‘will’
  • Learning to use a walkie-talkie
  • Farewell party for Big Boss; Kiss – to apologize or to confess his love
  • He misses her
  • The earthquake – his return, he ties her shoelaces for her


I think fans are quick to praise the male and female leads for the success of this kdrama. However, after watching it multiple times, I think the post-production crew really deserve a lot of the credit too.

Also, I think Song Hye Kyo is an awesome actress. The vibes I get from her remind me of Gong Li. Like Song’s the Korean version of Gong Li. Her acting skills are superb. She truly managed to look youthful in Descendants Of The Sun, and she quickly switched back to more age-appropriate looks for the media appearances.

If only we had awesome actors like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in Mediacorp. Then perhaps more people would watch TV in Singapore. 😀


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    • When is what coming out?? If you’re referring to DOTS Special Ep 1, it’s already out. So is Ep 2. And Ep 3 is being aired in Korea this evening, it seems.

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